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  1. kcits

    Head-Fi Inspired Wallpapers Here

    oo very nice! i especially like the second one ("miro") very cool & abstract~ (the eye in the centre is a nice, symbolic touch )
  2. kcits

    HF-1, AT AD2000, RS-1 comparison

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elephas The AD2000 has a special airyness despite a smaller soundstage than the DT880 or HD650. Vocals are forward-sounding with air and separation between instruments. that's interesting. i'm quite curious about the ad2k which would you say has the...
  3. kcits

    ad1000, hd650?

    hey, while a quick search for the ad1000 turns up a few impressions, i can't seem to find any that compare it to the hd650 (or the hd600.) i'm quite curious how they compare against each other, since they're priced at a similar level, and unfortunately, i don't have the opportunity to...
  4. kcits

    Sony SA5000 response plots

    very nice plots, gerg. thanks the upper bass/lower midrange dip on the sa5000's plot is interesting - i remember seeing a similar dip in that range on j-curve's a500-a1000 plots. an intentional equalisation by both manufacturers, maybe? [edit: or perhaps because j-curve's measurements were...
  5. kcits

    SONY Shootout Thread : MDR-SA1000 vs SA3000 vs SA5000

    great review, gs. if you have time, how would you compare the A900's midrange with that of the SA1000? does it have a similar kind of "hollowness" that A900 has? thanks!
  6. kcits

    Has any one heard the ATH- AD2000?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gurus Sound stage is more precise and natural in its presentation. Wider with more depth in the AD1000. SA5000 sounds like you are locked in a telephone booth or imprisoned in a small chamber. Very closed in and small. Totally unnatural. I am surprised nobody...
  7. kcits

    audio-technica ad7?

    hi does anyone have any experience with the ath-ad7? i've searched around a little and there've been a couple of recommendations for these (although it seems that the higher ath-adx range doesn't have a very good reputation here; not sure about the new adx00 series though.) but otherwise...
  8. kcits

    My thoughts on the new sennheiser 595

    cool, thanks for the listening impressions Quote: The HD-595 is a very open and spacious sounding headphone. would you say it's more spacious-sounding than the HD580?
  9. kcits

    were should i look for good compared frq. graph ?

    j-curve took a lot of measurements in his thread here. (fyi, those graphs are all relative to the hd580 as the equalized-flat reference.) hope that helps~
  10. kcits

    bass output rivaling DT 770?!

    Quote: I am suspicious that Sen took out some of the damping, but I think it was electrical rather than mechanical. Still looking into that one. hmm that's pretty interesting. does anyone know if headroom has taken measurements of the hd650's impedance curve? i wonder how much it...
  11. kcits

    First contact with the HD 650...

    hehe how lucky, jazz how would you say the midrange of the hd650 compares to the 600? some people seem to say that the hd600 has a small bump in the lower midrange and a slightly recessed upper midrange, so i was wondering if the hd650 exhibits these characteristics as well... thanks
  12. kcits

    HD650s - Where's the hype?

    Quote: ...(iii) more compact sound ... i hope that doesn't mean 'smaller soundstage'
  13. kcits

    Audio Technica A900 help

    well they can get a little hot if the ambient temperature isn't cool (in the high 20-degrees C), but otherwise they're pretty comfy for long listening periods since there's space between the driver and your ear.
  14. kcits

    Head-Fi Inspired Wallpapers Here

    it's "headfi" inversed, right? hehe
  15. kcits

    The Orpheus of albums

    Quote: Originally posted by Vertigo-1 How might one purchase this CD? I notice it's not on Amazon...yet. Sounds like it'd be up my alley. you can buy the cd on here <-- [edit: link removed, since it's not of much use ] and i'd have to agree with squirt: it's an awesome...
  16. kcits

    CD3000 vs HD600 question

    ah thanks~ interesting... looking forward to your comparison
  17. kcits

    Received the Senn. 590s

    cool, thanks for the impressions hope you enjoy them & the equinox~
  18. kcits

    CD3000 vs HD600 question

    hmm i'm also curious as to how the CD3000 fares against the HD600 in terms of soundstage depth ... if it's not too much trouble to compare, does it become more easily congested on complex musical passages? does its closed (or "semi-closed") design leave any sonic traces/resonances? thanks &...
  19. kcits

    Received the Senn. 590s

    if it's not too much trouble, how would you compare them soundstage-wise (depth, width) to the A1000 that you used to have? and how similar is the frequency balance on both 'phones? thanks [edit: oh, and congrats on your new 'phones ]
  20. kcits

    Audio Technica suggestions?

    Quote: Originally posted by PodMan thanks for the very helpful response. so how does either the A900 or A500 compare to the HD580 to you? I am a former HD580 owner. If either of them can resemble the HD580 sound (or be a little more forward and be easier to drive), I would be very happy...
  21. kcits

    Audio Technica suggestions?

    oh, almost forgot -- j-curve took some very handy frequency plots of the A500 & A900. the A500: the A900:
  22. kcits

    Audio Technica suggestions?

    hmm i don't think the A500 comes with a pouch (at least not the one i got from audiocubes.) anyway, i had the A500 for a few months and upgraded to the A900. the A500 is kinda similar to the A900 -- they definitely share a "family resemblance." the A500's soundstage is about as wide as the...
  23. kcits

    Senn HD600 for $160... *sigh*

    don't despair silver, there's always a few 2nd-hand hd580s to be found online (a lot cheaper too) like here (not sure if it's sold yet.)
  24. kcits

    Who repairs sony cd3000's ?

    just a sanity check, but did you try plugging them into difference sources (perhaps with different output impedances)? anything... even something like a tv or pcdp.. hope nothing's seriously wrong with them though
  25. kcits

    STAX SR-007 (Omega II) ... A Review After 4 Years Of Ownership

    wow... a masterpiece of a review.. definitely some very good points brought up. especially the perceptions of "air" around instruments and headstage -- very interesting.