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  1. JeJeP

    WTB: Soundmagic PL50

    Want to buy a pair of Soundmagic PL50 in good condition with all accessories. If you have the Fiio E5 it often gets paired with, I would also be interested depending on the price. Thanks for looking!
  2. JeJeP

    Advice needed

    My second pair of JVC FX66s broke last week and the iBuds I use as a temporary replacement are driving me insane. I am therefore looking for IEMs under 200$ (CAD, taxes and shipping included) that would last several years. Build quality is a factor. I take care of my earphones and if a...
  3. JeJeP

    FX66 tips

    After unpacking my FX66s, I lost one small tip (sadly, the only size that fits me). I wondered where I could order - while we're at it - better ones from another company (I hate those marshmallow ones). I'm going to burn-in them in the meantime.