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  1. gz76

    Aedle VK-1 Carbon Limited Edition Headphones

    Hi all, I was lucky enough to secure an order for Aedle's very limited edition VK-1 headphones in Carbon (black) -- only 100 sets were offered, and anyone who's been following these headphones knows how quickly they sold out!   These headphones are due to ship late next week so I haven't...
  2. gz76

    Free: Mini-Mini Interconnects

    I have a need for a mini - mini IC, so please include me.
  3. gz76

    Melbourne Meet 2009

    Will someone step up and organise this? That's the only way it'll happen.
  4. gz76

    List of High-End Analog Source Owners on Head-Fi Continued

    I have a Kuzma Stabi S. Am happy to discuss the merits of this TT with any existing or prospective owners.
  5. gz76

    A bunch of LPs for Sale - SOLD

    Where you located?
  6. gz76

    My heart is in pieces :(

    Freezing over night will definitely bring the HDD below the manufacturers specs for operating temperatures, so this doesn't even sound like a good idea. Pay your money and have a professional look at it.
  7. gz76

    My heart is in pieces :(

    Removable hard disks are cheap enough these days that everyone should have one for backup purposes. Sure, it's not the greatest backup solution, but it's better than none at all. Photos are precious -- most people still don't realise this until it's too late. Sorry about your situation.
  8. gz76

    Download dilema

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. atx 6speed, I'll send you a PM in a minute. pat1006, thanks for the pm, I'll let you know if I need further help. Everyone else, please consider this problem solved! Cheers.
  9. gz76

    Hey parents! Recommend some preschool kids books.

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez Well besides Penthouse and Hustler,,,,, I hear the articles are actually quite good.
  10. gz76

    Download dilema

    Hi guys, bit of a strange request, but I need help from someone based in the USA who has access to ~75 MB of web space. I recently bought an LP and it comes with a free digital download of the album. Problem is, the download is restricted to the USA only. I've tried using anonymous proxies...
  11. gz76

    Head-Fi On The Move Soon--Sorry For The Dust In The Meantime

    Quote: Originally Posted by martook With that sort of growth, I hope you get enough money in to keep the site going. It's definitely time for me to do some donating to this place, hopefully there are others that feel that they should give back some as well!? It never hurts to...
  12. gz76

    Help identify these cans please

    Should there be a pic or a link or something?
  13. gz76

    Speaker question (iPod related - B&W Zeppelin)

    Hmm, if powered loudspeakers are an option for you, then you're likely to get better results from them rather than the Zeppelin. You say sound quality is your top priority, so maybe look into some Quad 11L or 12L (if size permits) active loudspeakers. Not sure of current prices, but they'd be...
  14. gz76

    Am I reaching for the stars? Closed portables in the vein of PX100

    HD25 are also extremely durable, making them perfect for portable use.
  15. gz76

    Double amping?

    When I read the title, I thought we were talking about bi-amping loudspeakers... I guess not!
  16. gz76

    Christmas Sale @ Head-Direct

    Congrats to the winners, and thanks to head-direct for a fun giveaway! LeonWho, looks like you're analysis was right!
  17. gz76

    Christmas Sale @ Head-Direct

    Quote: Originally Posted by LeonWho My guess is Head-Direct RE0 at $159. Maybe RE0 at $169.
  18. gz76

    Christmas Sale @ Head-Direct

    Yay new sale! 1. Fiio E5 - $23.00 plus free delivery? Must be something regarding the E5 yeah... or maybe not. 1. RE0 - $199?
  19. gz76

    Ol' Saint Deadfolx's Xmas LOD Giveaway

    I need a LOD for my gf who loves using my Mini^3/HD25-I's with her iPod. Since I'm likely one of the few people here with a real gf, I think I'm pretty worthy.
  20. gz76

    Beauty & Beast - GuangZhou AV Fair 2008

    God we're all nerds... no one has commented on the beauty yet. And no, I'm not talking about that McIntosh amp either!
  21. gz76

    70s headphones spotting

    Good work on your persistence in hunting them down -- must be quite satisfying to finally be heading in the right direction!
  22. gz76

    Beauty & Beast - GuangZhou AV Fair 2008

    Wow, a loudspeaker that can also keep your beers cold!