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    Sennheiser Limited Edition PX100 "Retro" headphones - Australia

    The black and yellow colour scheme of the limited edition Sennheiser "Retro" PX100 is modelled on Sennheisers famous HD414 from the late 60s. Photo ... They are lightly used and in perfect condition. Comes with hard plastic travel...
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    Alessandro MS-1 and Panasonic RP-HJE50 ... Australia and International

    Alessandro MS-1 Purchased about a month ago, mint condition in original packaging. $115 AUD Express post $9.50 and Panasonic RP-HJE50 canalphones Purchased about two weeks ago, mint condition in original packaging. $30 AUD Express post $6.50 International post by enquiry.
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    Sold Terry my fc-7s. A fast payment and worry free international transaction. Recommended.
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    FS: Sharp MD33 Mint in Box ... Australian Buyers.

    Sharp MD33 comfy canalphones. Perfect unmarked condition in original packaging and all accessories. Approx 30 hrs use. $50 AUD. plus post. Express Post is $6.50 / Regular is $4.50
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    Koss KSC-35 (Australia)

    Foams will need replacing soon, otherwise good condition. $50 AUD plus postage.
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    "Simple Burner" recording quality ???

    Are "Simple Burner" minidisc recordings close enough to minidisc recording quality via optical cable ???
  7. Buddha

    WTB: MZ-S1 , N505 , N707 or other LPMD

    Am in the market for a basic md rec. Must have opt input and LP ( and preferably run off AA batt. ) Thanks.
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    Happy new Sony D-515 owner

    Just found a Sony D-515 in near perfect cond. (couple of light scratches) for $30 USD. First impressions ... superb build quality and clean punchy bass from the headphone out. Will do a brief comparison with my 10 yrs younger dej-725. I think I know already which is going to win ...
  9. Buddha

    happy new dej725 owner ...

    Just scored this unit for USD$20 with all accessories and manual. A few light scratches o/wise perfect. Gotta lurve that backlight remote, and 86 hours playback. hmmm must rig that optical out to a meta42.
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    Ipod killer has arrived.

    Guess it was only a matter of time. Really think they should drop the pink paint on the "odyssey" bit tho...
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    New Toshiba HDD Player

    Taken from message board..... "big photograph Japanese Press Releases Name : GIGABEAT Support File Type : MP3(16kbps~320kbps,22.05kHz~48kHz),WMA,WAV HDD ...
  12. Buddha

    MZ-B100 ... comments / opinions plz.

    Am about to enter the world of minidisc and have had my eye on this "business model" recorder. My interest lies in this machines ability to take dictation (and transfer to voice recognition software) combined with music recording and playback. Comments plz....
  13. Buddha

    On karma and the Sony V6 ....

    48 hours after placing my beloved HP890s up for sale I walked into a pawnbrokers, and to my great surprise, spotted a set of the legendary V6 Sonys. Now here in Australia the V6/7506 is a rare and expensive beast and it didnt take me long to test the drivers were ok, hand over the princely...
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    Who would have thought... / AOpen Tube Motherboard

    that they'd do this?
  15. Buddha

    Anyone else using a PDA?

    After some significant deliberation I came to the conclusion that the best mp3 player option for me was the Casio E-125 PDA. It certainly is an a amazing piece of engineering, and the headphone socket sounds surprisingly good. It even does Doom, Quake and Divx ... in 65,536 colours...
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    Cmoy modifications to suit k501?

    Well i've caught the AKG bug and am starting to peice together cmoy type amp to suit. My brother (electronics engineer) is doing the soldering thank goodness. Would appreciate any suggestions re best choice of; *opamp *buffer? *gain setting *etc, to power the k501. For power we plan...
  17. Buddha

    Koss CS80 headset...vapourware???

    Stumbled on this neat looking headset by Koss. Looks like its the ksc55 behind the neck headphone mated with a noise cancelling microphone. So in theory you'd get that sweet ksc35 sound with the convenience of voice recognition, telephony, roger wilco etc Listed at a number of online...
  18. Buddha

    AKG K141 opinions please..

    Ive just spotted these 141s at a local pawnbroker for $25. The foam covering the driver has worn away but otherwise they look ok. I would use them for music / gaming. Would my sl-sx460 pana have enuff output to drive these or would i need to purchase an amp. Cheers