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  1. Patrick82

    Rabbits ate up my plant

    I opened up the top door of their cage and inserted a tall plant and went to sleep. In the morning half of the leaves were missing. I wonder if those leaves will grow back or should I buy a new plant?
  2. Patrick82

    Which air humidifier gives the best sound?

    I have Electrolux air purifier with HEPA filter and the air is very clean, but now in the winter it is crazy dry and my skin falls off. I need an air humidifier too. Which one will I buy? I want to fine-tune the humidity to get the best sound so it needs to have controls in the front. Also...
  3. Patrick82

    Question about eggs

    I have two eggs in the fridge which are approaching the expiration date, but I cannot consume these since I turned vegan. Unless I'm mistaken, eggs are chicken babies correct? What will happen after the expiration date? Will a baby chicken be born? Instead of throwing these eggs away, could I...
  4. Patrick82

    Should I buy this bed with curtains? - EMI/RFI shielding in disguise

    My girlfriend brought her cat over but it escaped and has been missing for a month, I thought it enjoyed my room since it sniffed om my Valhalla cable a lot. Then we got two rabbits and I woke up in the middle of the night while the rabbit was trying to bury dozens of wet coco pops into my bed...
  5. Patrick82

    FS: HP LP3065 2560x1600 screen - great for HUGE music collection (see everything!)

    A couple years old in great condition. I haven't seen any dead pixels over this period, there may be but they are too small to be visible. The resolution of this screen is CRAZY! I accept headphone trades for this screen! Retail in Sweden about 1600 Euro, give me your highest offer!
  6. Patrick82

    Audiophile clothing

    I wonder if anyone has tried these clothes and got an improvement in sound? EMF Safety Garments, Bedding, & Grounding Devices
  7. Patrick82

    Network cable vs wireless

    When I have cables plugged into my laptop I hear RFI and ground noise entering the laptop which makes the sound harsher. However, this time I got positively surprised when I turned off the wireless network and plugged in a network cable. It sounded a little smoother, can anyone else confirm my...
  8. Patrick82

    Bought both Adam A5 and Adam A7 on same day - what to do?

    I had an ad running for half a year and then I gave up and bought a new pair of A5 and they were shipped to me, then a few hours later I got a response to my ad and someone wants to sell me A7 for the same price I bought my A5 new. I received my A5 a couple hours ago and in 3 hours I will go and...
  9. Patrick82

    Listening room cleaner

    I will switch from headphones into loudspeakers and I want a device which cleans the dust between drivers and ears with the press of a button. PS Audio has a CleanWave function that cleans the power supply with the press of a button. I would like this for listening rooms too. I was reading...
  10. Patrick82

    Etymotic ER4 with Nordost Valhalla

    It sounds very clean with crazy blackness and whiteness! When I went back to stock cable it sounded grey, slow and messy.
  11. Patrick82

    Need to recable ER4P - can remove resistor?

    I found this website: ER4P, Best Earphone! It says ER4P and ER4S are the same, the only difference is the resistor in the cable, but can the ER4 be used without any resistor? Will it damage my EMU0404 USB source?
  12. Patrick82

    EMU 0404 USB vs 0202 USB (mass damping)

    The 0404 USB is the best source I have ever tried, beats dCS. But the problem is, I can't place books on top for mass damping because it has knobs on top. But 0202 USB have the knobs at the side instead, so mass damping is possible! What do you think? Should I trade my 0404 USB to 0202 USB...
  13. Patrick82

    Etymotic for high-end?

    I'm wondering if I should replace my K1000 with Etymotic earphones? I need more neutrality. Bass and soundstage is not important. Also, can the ER4S be driven from XLR outputs of Benchmark DAC1?
  14. Patrick82

    WTB: Adam A7 or A5

    I want to buy these speakers. Condition is not important as long as sound comes out. EDIT: I have bought them now!
  15. Patrick82

    FS: Solid-tech Rack of Silence

    This is the best version of the Rack, it has Disc of Silence under each pillar and suspension shelf in the middle. I also have the extra special wooden plates which you put on top of the rack, the underside of them have grooves which attach to the rack shelves. The plates are made for Feet...
  16. Patrick82

    Virtual Dynamics Judge power cable arrived

    After 5 months my Judge power cable has arrived! They also built a custom crate for it. It weighs 18.9 kg!
  17. Patrick82

    Buyer of auction has not paid for 3 months - what will I do?

    I made the auction in november last year and he made the lowest bid, after auction was completed he said he would Paypal in a few days, but he didn't, he only gives many different excuses, I suspect he doesn't have the money yet and tries to stall. What will I do? I will call police? Audiogon...
  18. Patrick82

    EMU0404 USB - digital out not working?

    It shows on the DAC's display that the signal is received but no music comes out. I have tried Toslink, spdif, three different DACs, laptop, desktop computer, WindowsXP, Windows Vista. I have tried different settings of EMU. Analog output works but digital output has no sound coming out, maybe...
  19. Patrick82

    The end of interconnects

    I have tried Nordost Valhalla 44cm, I cut it to 15cm and got more bass and detail. I tried Nordost Valkyrja 27cm and got more low-level detail than 15cm Valhalla, but it sounded too warm. I tried 15cm Valhalla + 27cm Valkyrja combination and got the best flavor but with less low-level detail. I...
  20. Patrick82

    Using Virtual Dynamics Genesis XLR interconnects as power cable wiring for apartment?

    I have 3 Genesis power cables daisy chained together using adapters. But with XLR cables no adapters are needed. How about using multiple of those for apartment wiring? The difference between Genesis power cable and interconnect is that the power cable has an extra conductor for the ground...
  21. Patrick82

    Magix levitation feet - why doesn't everyone use them?

    I have used them for 2 years and I get surprised everytime I put them under my components. Putting Magix under my laptop impresses me more than sources costing $30 000+. It's weird that people don't try Magix because they "cost too much". I'm using EMU0404 USB and laptop as my reference...
  22. Patrick82

    ElectraGlide power cable comparison, Synapses2 beats Valhalla!

    Someone sent me a lot of ElectraGlide cables a few months ago but I didn't listen to them because I was scared I wouldn't hear a difference between them. Today I listened to a 4 minute song and switched the cables, the difference was HUGE! I immediately fell in love with the Synapses2...
  23. Patrick82

    SOLD: dCS Purcell upsampler 230volt, ST optical input added extra!

    This has the optional ST optical input added to the back by the manufacturer! It has the normal RCA and AES/EBU connections, but it doesn't have Firewire, however, based on my tests, Firewire is noisy! The Purcell upsamples any input to 96 or 192kHz. It sounds smooth as silk! 9/10...
  24. Patrick82

    Speaker system for desk and computer display?

    I want to switch to a speaker system but the problem is, I need to constantly write down into my logs about how the tweaks sound like. So I need a desk, keyboard and display in the middle of the room. I have a 30 inch display now but later I might get a bigger one. It doesn't seem that good to...
  25. Patrick82

    Virtual Dynamics Genesis 1.1 XLR interconnects - first impressions

    Analog cables are colored I have tried many interconnects and they have all been colored, all of them removed low-level detail in some way. I discovered that less dielectric contact with the conductor gives more low-level detail, that's the reason I have used Nordost Valhalla. I also found...