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  1. mrdelayer

    Xbox 360 + EMU 0404 USB

    Not sure if this is the right forum (the Xbox 360 is not a computer and I've seen various PS3-related posts here), but here goes. Is it possible to use the Xbox 360's optical output with the EMU 0404 USB's optical input? Right now I've just got analog cables running from the 360 to the 0404...
  2. mrdelayer

    So I finally bought the HD650 cable...

    Long, long ago, the plug on my HD580 cable decided to suck (left channel would cut out 99% of the time), and I never got around to buying a replacement, until about a week ago. I bought the HD650 cable and the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter (with the short length of cabling between). They arrived, and...
  3. mrdelayer

    I just got a job!

    My first real job, to be exact. (I was a busboy at a restaurant for two days out of each year for two years; I don't really think that counts.) I'll be working at 2Wire (yes, the company that makes DSL modems and stuff), doing tech support for either AT&T U-Verse or some other company. Not bad...
  4. mrdelayer


    Alright, Head-fi, here's a -fi I haven't seen on here yet. Yesterday was my birthday (the big 1-8) and, to celebrate, my girlfriend and I went to this sushi place, Yokonyu Sushi, in downtown San Antonio, TX. We sat down, ordered our drinks, looked over for the menu for a while. For an...
  5. mrdelayer

    What headphones are these?

    From the Electric Six - I Buy The Drugs music video.
  6. mrdelayer

    Two headphones at once!

    Random silliness in my Photojournalism class.
  7. mrdelayer

    Help me arrange my bedroom furniture!

    Okay, I am thinking about rearranging my bedroom furniture. I was thinking something like this: (Note: diagram not to scale.) To give an idea of scale, the room is approximately 13x13', the bed is a twin, and the desk currently holds two 17" CRT monitors. That semicircular thing is my...
  8. mrdelayer

    Audio-Technica AT-PL50?

    Anyone know about this turntable? (Apparently it's been rebadged and sold under various other companies, also.) From what I've heard, it's got a crappy needle. But here's the story. I can get it for like $30. Would it be possible to get a non-crappy needle (for around another $30 or so?)
  9. mrdelayer

    My PA2V2 came in today...

    And thus marks my entrance into the amplification world. I originally purchased the amplifier second-hand on the Head-Fi for-sale forums about a month ago. It came, but only worked in the right channel. So after some exchanging some emails with Gary (great guy, by the way), I sent the amp to...
  10. mrdelayer

    Anyone else in San Antonio?

    I can't be the only SA Head-Fier, can I?
  11. mrdelayer

    One week with the HD580s

    Okay, long story short, last Monday I ordered the HD580s off of; they arrived one week ago today via UPS Next Day Saver shipping. ("Next Day" is a bit of an stretch.) And now, after a week of using them, I figured I'd let you know how I like them. First of all, my tastes in music...
  12. mrdelayer

    HD580 or HD595...?

    I'm currently in the market for some new headphones. Amazon's got the HD580 for $125 and the HD595 are in the Amazon Marketplace for $144. The question here is which is better? Would it be worth the extra $19?
  13. mrdelayer

    a Cmoy case idea I had...

    On my desk sits an old, broken, out-of-warranty, fourth-generation 20 GB iPod. It has a broken screen and a destroyed hard drive. (The broken screen resulted from me attempting to open it to retrieve the destroyed hard drive to find out what sort of replacement I'd need. And that general...
  14. mrdelayer

    HD280 "blutak" mod

    I just bought a pair of HD280s a couple weeks ago and read about the "blutak" mod that apparently makes these sound so much better. Would anyone happen to have a picture of it in place on their HD280s so I could see exactly where the stuff goes? Thanks.