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  1. PFRfan

    FS: RCA RD2765A 5GB MP3/WMA (DRM) Player

    **SOLD** This is a unit I got a few months back to play around with my Yahoo! subscription. It's not a bad little player - has a 5-band user EQ, it's VERY small and light, has a picture viewer, and lets you choose music based on folder structure, too (a major plus for me). Right side...
  2. PFRfan

    FS: Karma

    **SOLD** I have a Rio Karma with the dock, power adapter, USB cable, and a Boxwave USB charging cable (it'll plug into the DC port of the Karma). The unit is in good condition and has never given me ANY trouble. My first Karma would freeze from time to time, but I've have this for 6 or 8...
  3. PFRfan

    FS: DT770-80 and Shure E3C

    I'm selling these to pay the bill on my Shure E4C & Pocket Amp 2 purchases. Beyerdynamic DT770-80 Pro. About 3 months old from Guitar Center. Original box, in perfect condition. $150 shipped. Note: Moving Shure E3C to their own thread. PMs or e-mails will work. Thanks! Jonathan...
  4. PFRfan

    FS: Sony MDR-7506

    Before the ebay guys get a look, I figured I'd throw these by some people with proper appreciation... Sony MDR-7506 like new in original box with bag, etc. I love these phones, but have started with the upgrading again. I'm saving up for Sensaphonics, and this is a start. You can check the...
  5. PFRfan

    FS: iRiver iHP-140

    I have an iHP-140 that I'm selling, and I just wanted to give the guys here a shot at it before it goes to eBay. It has all of the accessories, the original packaging, and is in literally perfect condition. It's about 6 months or so old, and is running firmware 1.60. The only scratches I can...
  6. PFRfan

    Receiver Headphone Jack vs. Stereo-Link

    Here is my current configuration... Hercules Fortissimo II Sound Card (same as Game Theatre, but without the break-out box) connected via Optical SPDIF to a Denon AVR-1600 Receiver. I use Senn HD495's, and will probably be picking up a pair of Sony V6's for recording purposes soon. I...