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  1. Macboy98

    Please help me which headphones should i get??

    Dear Audiophiles,    Well I am really confused for this time now but what headphones should i get? Even though i have my Limited edition Shure Se215 currently. But i am looking forward to get these headphones:   ATH M50 Triple Fi 10 pro GR 07 M100 M80   But Which is the best one? Like...
  2. Macboy98

    looks like im sad with my headphones

    dear guys,             no wonder im stuck with my black beats studio and i really wanted an v-moda m100 or ath m50.. no one is willing to buy my headphones and i got them gift frm my uncle. since im a student and cant really affort to buy the m100 / ath m50... looks like im stuck.. if anyone...