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  1. Mullet

    SOLD: Curryman USB based DAC

    So after being my workhorse for the better part of 4 or so years it's time to offer this one up. This is a Curryman DAC... look it up on diyaudio. Or here. This project was done when the ESS ES9023 and JG Filter Buffer were all the rage. It's a really good sounding DAC with a filter / buffer...
  2. Mullet

    FS: Pup DAC

    I have for sale a PupDAC built by myself in 2012 I think. This was a prototype unit built to test things out before Tomb put up boards/kits on his store - The DAC is powered by USB and has a PCM1794 DAC chip in it. It can feed two amps simultaneously via 1/8" jack and RCA. Here's the...
  3. Mullet

    SOLD: AMB Gamma 2 DAC

    This has been my backup unit for years. I've since built more elaborate DACs that this rivals. I could go on and on about what this DAC is about, but see for yourself... Selling it for $SOLD shipped CONUS and tack on some shipping for WW. Power adapter not...
  4. Mullet

    WTT Large iSine Hooks for Small iSine Hooks...

    I have a set of the newer (curved) large iSine hooks and want to trade for the smaller sized hooks. Hit me up via PM.
  5. Mullet

    FS: Gamma-2 DAC

    Built two of these DACs and only really use one of them. For those that don't know this DAC is based off the very venerable Wolfson 8741 DAC chipset. In terms of implementation it's considered to be on of the finer DIY DACs even to this day. This particular unit contains two DACs in one - the...
  6. Mullet

    NYC "Area" Headphonatics Anonymous Fall Meet Poll

    Hey guys...   Long story short. I've moved from Brooklyn to CT. I'm planning to move the meet closer to where I live, but still in a reasonable spot, which is still considered the NYC Area. I've got a hold on a place in Stamford, CT for November 15th. Before I seal the deal I wanted to put a...
  7. Mullet

    Current Portable DIY Amps

    I know Avro_Arrow has something in the works that looks quite promising. The CMOY / A47 are nice starter projects.  Tangent doesn't offer anything anymore :( Then there's the PPA-S, which was short lived. Just curious if I'm missing anything in the portable dept. that has a pre-made PCB. I could...
  8. Mullet

    Free - Tubes for La Figaro 332C or 332S. Or Little Dot MKII.

    I have a bunch of tubes left from when I had a La Figaro 332C. I have a pair of the venerable Svetlana 6C19s (6S19). They are barely used. Also have a pair of RCA JRC 5654 (6AK5W). They are NOS. Finally, a pair of Tung Sol 6AK5s. They are NOS. If anyone wants them - they are up for grabs...
  9. Mullet

    WTB: Set of AKG Silver Badges For K240

    If anyone has a set of the silver badges (AKG called them plates) for the AKG K240 hit me up. I have a set of K240s that can use 'em!   Thanks!
  10. Mullet

    WANTED: An expert DIY'er to fix my Thunderpants headphone cable...

    I bought some Thunderpants from Gary about a year ago. The cable where it's coming out of one of the left ear speaker is breaking. The copper is still intact, but the insulation (shrink tubing) is breaking. The same cable can be used (just a tad shorter). What needs to happen is the cable can be...
  11. Mullet

    WTT: Shure Olive Tips L and Sm for Md (also have shure silicone and phalange tips)

    I have 3 unused sets of both Large and Small olives (6 in total) that I'd love to trade for Medium olives. I also have tons of silicon (grey) and phalange tips as well. Let me know if you're interested in a trade.
  12. Mullet


    I have a very excellent GrubDAC with Hammond Case and custom panels from Front Panels Express. This DAC uses less than 5v so can be powered by an iPad via the camera connection kit. It's a good bang for the buck and easily better than other DACs in its price range. Cost is $75 shipped via USPS...
  13. Mullet

    Want to reterminate my Triple Fi cable...

    I recently noticed that my 1/8 jack is separated from the sleeve that connects the jack to the rest of the cable. The wires are still in tact. I plan on snipping the cable and replacing with a new jack. I can see there are three wires -- yellow, white, and clear. I'm assuming clear is gnd. I...
  14. Mullet

    Pot, headphone impedance, amp input inpedance... help me understand.

    I recently built "The Wire" amplfier. Just finished it last night. Pictures to come in the build thread. Here's my issue.   When I turn the volume up it takes a super long time for the volume to get loud. It gets loud enough at around 3 o'clock on the pot. I've read somewhere that the Wire's...
  15. Mullet

    OT -- anyone into Arducopter?

    Since this is DIY and I've seen some here using Arduino for volume controls, etc. I figure they might be into the whole DIY UAV thing. Eventually, I want to deliver pizzas with mine. ;P   If so, care to share your experiences?
  16. Mullet

    Sennheiser HD650

    Here we have a very well taken care of set of HD650s that were bought by me in 2010. They have a good amount of use -- more than 300 hours. The pads are still on the firm side -- but ever so slightly soft from use. Headband is in great condition -- no chips. I've moved on to the LCD2 and orthos...
  17. Mullet

    5ft Double Helix Cable for HD650/HD600

    Up for sale is a 5ft 5N OCC copper cable from Double Helix Cable for use with Sennheiser HD650/HD600 headphones. I'm looking to get $75 shipped for the cable in the CONUS. WW shipping will cost $10 extra.
  18. Mullet

    Apheared 47 (CMOY on steroids) PRICE DROP

    Here for your consideration is a dandy Apheared 47. Designed to drive 32-50ohm headphones this amp goes hand in hand with Grado headphones. I built this myself as a way to drive my now sold SR80s. The amp comes with a 24V regulated AC-DC power adapter. Also you get a choice of either OPA 2227 or...
  19. Mullet

    La Figaro 332 Classic Amp (Awesome with HD650s) (PRICE DROP x2)

    The time has come to put my beloved La Figaro 332 Classic up for sale. My desk space is waning after getting into DIY and the 332 is gathering dust. This amp rocks with high impedance headphones such as the HD650s and DT880s. AKGs never sounded better with this amp. The amp is a little more than...
  20. Mullet

    Penguin Caffeine Amp

    Mint condition Penguin Caffeine Amp! Hate to let this go, but don't use it anymore.   You can't buy this amp anymore as it hasn't been for sale for years.   It beats the pants off a CMOY. Check out the original website for more info.  ...
  21. Mullet

    AKG K701s

    I'm looking to finally let go of my AKG K701s. I had to try out the 701/650/880 trifecta and in the end the 701s get the least play time. I'm selling a bunch of gear to fund a future LCD-2 purchase. The one thing I'll miss is that excellent in the room sound stage. They have way over 300 hours...
  22. Mullet

    Matched Pair Brimar 13D5 (12AU7 type)

    These are a matched pair of STC Brimar 13D5 Long Plate Twin triodes from 1957. When I bought them they were tested on an AVO 163. It was stated that a new tube tests at 10.5/2.2 each side. They test the same and are at 9.0/2.0 each side. I bought them as a backup pair of tubes and no longer have...
  23. Mullet

    Matched Pair Amperex 7316 (12AU7 type)

    Here is a matched pair of Amperex 7316 Tubes. These are in the 12AU7 family of tubes so they'll work where 12AU7 tubes work. Some would say they are the creme de la creme of 12AU7 type tubes.  I couldn't agree more. They have 15mm grey plates w/ round getter.  They have the Amperex code Ct3 or...
  24. Mullet

    Want to make a balanced 3.5mm female TRRS to unbalanced 3.5mm TRS male adapter.

    I just bought a pair of HiFiMan RE-272s that terminate as a TRRS male plug. I also have an older Shure iPhone mic adapter cable. I wanted to make a small adapter cable that goes from the RE-272s to the Shure mic cable. What's the best way to make a balanced 3.5mm TRRS female to unbalanced 3.5mm...
  25. Mullet

    PRICE DROP! 6AK5, 403B, 5456, EF95 tubes for sale... great for little dot and darkvoice/la figaro amps.

    All tubes were bought NOS and since I have a surplus I'm letting a few go... I'll sell them as singles but prefer to sell them in pairs. Tube prices are listed for pairs.     (1) Tung Sol 6AK5W $15 (1) RCA 5654W 1958 (matched pair in original boxes) $15     Shipping is included in...