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  1. viralcow

    SOLD: Ultrasone Edition 10

    Excellent, like-new condition. Very gently used and leather pads have no visible wear. Serial #1623. Price includes all fees.
  2. viralcow

    Comfortable, lightweight, over-ear/circumaural, closed...

    Looking to buy a headphone for long-term studying. I prefer my headphones to be as light as possible, but I also find on-ears to be uncomfortable after a couple hours. Basically, the requirements I'm looking for are: Closed Around-ear Under 200g, preferably around 180g No crazy clamping force...
  3. viralcow

    Matrix M-Stage HPA-1

    Selling my 1 year old Matrix M-Stage. Very good condition - a few minor scratches/marks at the top but not very noticeable. Another minor defect is that the power light flickers on and off during usage, but I've heard that this is a common bug and doesn't affect performance whatsoever. Will...
  4. viralcow

    Sol Republic Master Tracks XC - BNIB

    New, sealed in box pair of Master Tracks XC. These are the more neutral version tuned by Calvin Harris.   Impulse buy because I was curious about how they sounded... but then realized I'd rather put that money elsewhere.   Price includes shipping & paypal fees.   Thanks!
  5. viralcow

    FS: Audio-Technica A1000X

    Cleaning house. Really enjoyed both of these headphones, but I just don't have time to listen to all of my headphones anymore.   A1000X - Very good condition, 8/11 on Audiogon scale. $150 AD2000X - Near Mint condition, 9/11 on Audiogon scale. $400   Price includes Paypal and shipping fees...
  6. viralcow

    PSA: New Counterfeit Headphones (ones we care about)!

    So there were rumors floating around of fake Edition 8's since last November (in the ED8 thread) but no one really took notice. But as it turns out, a lot of other flagship replicas are showing up on chinese sites, namely alibaba and aliexpress. The list mainly includes Beyerdynamic, Grado, and...
  7. viralcow

    Audio Technica ESW9A Wooden Earcups + Pads

    The ESW9 I gifted my brother two years ago snapped in half, so I salvaged the still pretty wooden cups and earpads. Still should fit other Audio Technica earsuit models or other DIY projects. Comes with 8 screws. The pads are a bit worn (2 years of use) but still clean and firm.   Send me an...
  8. viralcow

    FS: Sennheiser Amperior (Silver)

    Lightly used pair of Sennheiser Amperior's for sale. Bought new from Newegg about three months ago.   It has one minor scratch on the earcups but other than that are in great condition. Comes with original box and accessories.   Thanks!  
  9. viralcow

    $100-200 IEM similar to Etymotic HF5

    Hey all,   I need some help finding a replacement for my HF5- an iem I've grown really fond of in the past 2 years.   (mini rant) But I'm replacing them because 1. they're getting old, and there's quite a bit of wear on the housing and cable; and 2. the eartips keep losing their shape after...
  10. viralcow

    Klipsch Image One (II)

    Lightly used pair that I haven't touched in ages. Willing to give away to a good home- just pay shipping.       First one to pm me gets them!
  11. viralcow

    Audio Technica W3000ANV - Mint

    Up for sale is a mint condition W3000ANV.   I got them three months ago from someone I know at uni who said he rarely used them - and the condition shows. They are in like-new condition.   $1000 + fees (shipping + paypal). I am willing to ship overseas but since I am going to put insurance...
  12. viralcow

    FS/FT: Like New HE-500

    Willing to trade a like new pair of HE-500s (all accessories included) for a like-new pair of one of the following:   AD2000X K701 (7-bump headband pls, none of this 8-bump headband nonsense) SRH1840 Edition 12 T90 ...Or another light open-back headphone with neutral-to-bright...
  13. viralcow

    Audio Technica W5000

    Up for sale is a pair of W5000s in very good condition. A few marks on both earcups, but they're minor (see pictures). Earpads are in good condition. It comes with its luxurious carrying case.   Price includes paypal and shipping fees.   Thanks!
  14. viralcow

    AKG K702 65th Anniversary - Mint

    Mint Condition "Annies" - 3 months old. As much as I love them, they're not getting much use.   Comes in original packaging. Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
  15. viralcow

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod       Hello, Head-fi. I usually don’t do write-ups like this because I’m still rather inexperienced in headphone-dom and I’m probably not qualified to make critical assessments other than personal impressions. But I wanted to share a small discovery...
  16. viralcow

    Emergency Funds Needed! Selling off Amperior + A900X

    Hey guys, A family member had a serious accident and I need to fly to California this week. Emergency fund sale: I both acquired these very recently through buydig's refurbished sales. Both has seen good use (I used the Amperior daily since I got them) but I can't really see any marks on...
  17. viralcow

    WTB: Audio Technica A1000X

    Interested in these elusive cans... can't really find them anywhere except via japanese export retailers for ~$350.   Anyone willing to sell a used pair in good condition? Send me a pm!
  18. viralcow

    AKG K272HD - Like New

    Up for sale is a K272HD that I recently snagged for $100 on eBay. Unfortunately I've gone a bit crazy on headphone purchases this past month... I am a college student after all, even a couple of new headphones strains my wallet too much.   I opened these, popped them on for 3 hours...
  19. viralcow

    Shure SRH1840 - Recabled - Mint

    Just picked up a HE-500, so have to let go of these. Bought it from another Head-fier about 2 months ago in mint condition, and I've babied these since I got them.   They were recabled to a 4-pin xlr terminator (that means they are no longer detachable) by BTG audio.   I do want to sell...
  20. viralcow

    Audio-Technica ATH-DWL5500R - Curious

    I know wireless headphones usually get bad reps here at head-fi, but I never knew Audio Technica made wireless headphones. Not only that, they look exactly like the new AD series:       Anyone know anything about these?
  21. viralcow

    AKG K167

    I bought these about five weeks ago. In very good condition. It does not come with the box... Basically just the headphones, as it came with no accessories (except the 1/4" adapter).   Please note that to address the comfort issue, I've done a small, easily reversible mod and placed...
  22. viralcow

    Shure SRH1440 - Mint

    Perfect condition SRH1440 for sale, barely used, owned for a month. Comes with all the accessories and the protective case, but not the original box. (the box is so big that shipping it would be a pain)   $300 shipped.
  23. viralcow

    Audio Technica ES10

    I had these ES10's up for about a week a month ago, but no one really seemed interested in buying them, so I took them down, and tried to sell them elsewhere.   But really it's proving to be difficult. So I'm back, I lowered the price to $250 shipped. Please add the 3% fee for Paypal (so...
  24. viralcow

    Best upgrade for me? Coming from K701 and D5000

    Hey Head-fi, just want a quick input on my next upgrade. I'm currently using two main headphones - the Denon D5000 and AKG K701, hooked up to an O2 amp. I don't have enough cash for high-end stuff, but I'm looking at headphones around the $400-700 range.   TBH, this will be my first purchase...
  25. viralcow

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A BNIB

    For sale is a brand new pair of ESW9A's. I got them as gifts, but I would rather buy a better amp for my K701's with the money. I have not touched them or opened the box. And these are genuine... I can open the box and take detailed pictures for anyone who asks.   Asking $165 shipped to...