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  1. kvtaco17

    Sold: Clearing out the collection! (Grado GS1000, RS1e, HD800)

    I'm downsizing my collection since I haven't been much into head-fi the last couple years. Prices below include shipping in the US, anything overseas will add additional cost. HD800 $800 sold GS1000 $600 (red eye) sold RS1e $400 (red eye) sold OBO Additional pictures are available. All items...
  2. kvtaco17


    Selling my red stand alone ODAC, it rarely gets used anymore and needs to go!   Shipping included for the US, internationaly buyers will have to pay a bit more.
  3. kvtaco17

    o2 amp

    Getting rid of my o2 amp. Just the amp, the DAC is separate and will be listed in the source section. Some scratches on the unit but it good overall condition. Shipping Included for the US only, internationl buyers I'll have to charge a bit more.
  4. kvtaco17

    Schiit LYR

    My old Lyr 1 for sale in good condition with RCA clear tops.   Between the Glenn OTL and my Audio-GD NFB29 this thing doesn't get used much...   Shipping is free in the US, some additional charges will apply for international shipping.
  5. kvtaco17

    Minneapolis Meet 9/20/14 Impressions! PICS! EVERYTHING!

    Please post your pics and impressions of the meet below.   My pics will be up when I'm done drinking for the day and have time to post them lol
  6. kvtaco17

    Minneapolis Meet 9/20/14

    bearFNF got the ball rolling on this after I drove up a little interest... Below is his arrangements at the HIE Golden Valley   Quote:   Lets post up who's all coming and what we are bringing!   I will be there early, my wife may come later on... I can bring any of my gear in my sig...
  7. kvtaco17

    PS500, Custom 225i and K550, everything MUST GO!

    Moved up the head-fi food chain so some of my cans must go to make room!   I have a very nice PS500 in good condition, new L-cushions washed for your comfort AND the original pizza box it came in! $350 takes it! SOLD   I also have a super prettyified (not a word I'm told) sr225i, featuring...
  8. kvtaco17

    Little Dot tube starter kit!!!

    SOLD   BAM!     From left to right   3 Sylvania 6DT6A (2 have a soldered 1-7 strap) 2 Ediswan EH90 2 Voskhod 6ZH1P 2 Svetlana 6A2P 2 GE 6DT6 2 RCA 6DT6A (soldered 1-7 strap) 2 GE 6AV6 modded and taped 2 Siemens 6AK5w 2 Sylvania 6HM5 3 Valvo EH90 (1 has a slight hum)      ...
  9. kvtaco17

    Samsung RC512-S01 Core i7-2630M 2GHz 6GB 750GB

    Selling my laptop so I can buy a new ultrabook! Specs below. Screen Size 15.3 inches Processor 2 GHz Core i7-2630QM RAM 6 GB DDR3 Hard Drive 750 GB Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n   Plus Shipping   In good overall shape, some...
  10. kvtaco17

    Little Dot Tube package

    I have a surplus of tubes and need to move (wife says I need to clean up my tube surplus) ... they all work well and at different stages were tubes I liked a lot. These are the ones that survived my adventures in tube rolling till now. The package includes... (all pairs unless noted)   6AK5W...
  11. kvtaco17

    Pics from the Needle Doctor Head-fi Meet 7/20/13   Links to pics, since the other thread is closed...   It was great seeing everyone, I hope we can do this again soon!
  12. kvtaco17

    Evo 681 + cash for your...

    Looking to move these because they are kinda redundant in my collection, looking to trade + cash for...   Audio Technica   AD900x ( This is what I really want/need) Just bought! A1000x   AKG   Q701 (I miss my old pair)   Fostex   T50RP   The EVO's are lightly used...
  13. kvtaco17

    Grado SR 225i tape+ sock mod

    So I combined both mods and figured I'd say something here about it since I couldn't find anything discussing it...   Using a single layer of electrical tape around my bowls increased bass as we all know   Removing the tape and wrapping my bowls with cut up dress socks (I promise they...