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  1. Edwood

    HiFiMan Ananda BT - Biggest, Baddest, Bluetooth Headphones

    While not the first Bluetooth Planar Headphones/earphones, the upcoming HiFiMan Ananda BT is definitely the first serious audiophile attempt at full sized wireless bluetooth headphones. Not at all surprised that HiFiMan is first. It's supposed to be using Huawei's HWA Audio Codec (LDHC). Not...
  2. Edwood

    HiFiMan Susvara Review: The HE6 is Dead, Long Live the Susvara

    HiFiMan Susvara Review You may have heard that The HiFiMan Susvara is the best dynamic headphone that HiFiMan has ever made. You also probably heard that it's the most expensive dynamic Headphone HiFiMan has ever made. Both of these things are true. The question then to ask, is the...
  3. Edwood

    Jaybird X2 - Fake / Counterfeit vs. Real / Authentic

    I recently purchased Jaybird X2 from Amazon twice.  One was fake and one was real.     There are subtle differences between the two.  The fake looks pretty convincing otherwise, unless you know what to look for.  Sound quality-wise, the Real one is definitely better.  The Fake one had a high...
  4. Edwood

    HiFiMan HE-560 Review

    HiFiMan HE-560 Review   Review to come, need some quality, quiet, late night listening time for a few days.  I will update this thread soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the pics.   Review is in progress.         HARDWARE USED Source = HiFiMan HM-901 Amp = HiFiMan EF-6 HEADPHONES...
  5. Edwood

    FS: XIM3 for XBox 360

    FS: XIM3 PayPal (eChecks will require wait for clearance), fees included and Shipped for free in the Continental USA. Will consider shipping internationally for those with a solid feedback thread, or if I personally know you.    *I'm in the Los Angeles area, face to face cash deal I'll...
  6. Edwood

    FS: Viliv S5 Ultra Mobile PC UMPC

    Viliv S5 Ultra Mobile PC UMPC Selling this tiny PC.  I'm the original owner, bought it from Dynamism.  Runs on Windows XP.  Will barely run WIndows 7 as it's a 1.33GHz Single Core Atom with 1GB of RAM.  Has a 60GB HDD inside. This one is the Wifi only version. My favorite part is how long...
  7. Edwood

    SOLD: Sony Vaio VGN-P530N Super Netbook

    Sony Vaio VGN-P530N   Runs on Windows 7.  Has a 1.33GHz Atom CPU with 2GB RAM and 60GB HDD.  My favorite is the beautiful 1600x900 LCD. More info here: SOLD by PayPal (eChecks will require wait for clearance), fees included...
  8. Edwood

    Using the HifiMan HM player as a USB DAC with Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

    If you have a HifiMan HM-60x or HM-801, try the OTG cable with your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tablet.   I got both my HM-601 and HM-801 to work with the USB DAC input with an OTG USB adapter with my Galaxy Note 10.1.   Be sure to power up the HifiMan player and connect the USB cable and...
  9. Edwood

    High Res Multi Channel Recommendations ( SACD , DVD Audio, etc.)

    I am likely going to be getting an Oppo BDP-83 (probably SE version) and using it with my Smyth Realiser.  I've tried some samples and even DTS encoded versions of songs, and am very impressed.  It can only get better with high resolution formats with SACD and the defunct DVD-A.   So, any...
  10. Edwood

    BADGES?! Yes. You NEED these stinkin Badges!!

    Less than one month until CanJam 2010 in Chicago kicks off!   Much like last year, there will be laminated collectable badges.  They are very high quality, like Back stage concert passes.   I just finished the CanJam 2010 Badge artwork.   Here's what they will look like.   If you...
  11. Edwood

    Request Thread for Smaller, Lighter portable charger for HM-801

    Sound off if you want one!   I want one!     -Ed
  12. Edwood

    HifiMan HM-801 SDHC Card List

    This thread is meant to be a poll and a reference for which SDHC Cards works and which ones do not. Please keep discussions down to a minimum so that people do not have to navigate through hundreds of posts trying to find out which cards work and which ones do not. So, no discussion about...
  13. Edwood

    SOLD: AKG K1000

    AKG K1000 Serial Number 10,876. I'm the original owner. Comes from a non-smoking environment. In excellent condition. No major scratches or dents. The "AKG K1000" Silver Chrome lettering is a bit worn off, which is very common. See pics below for details. The Temple Pads are in good...
  14. Edwood

    WTB: Klipsch ProMedia DD-5.1 Digital Decoder

    Looking for a Klipsch ProMedia DD-5.1 Please PM me with details if you have one to sell. Thanks, -Ed
  15. Edwood


    It's up on XBox Live Arcade. My current favorite game. Snowblind Studios - Death Tank I loved Death Tank Zwei on the Sega Saturn, with all it's silliness and primitive graphics. Now it's updated with excellent graphics, but with all of the crazy action. For those that don't know it's a...
  16. Edwood

    Hamster Power!

    Technology Review: Harnessing Hamster Power with a Nanogenerator I could've told them a long time ago that hamsters can power your gadgets. Although, this method is just putting us one step closer to the Matrix. I have mine charging up my headphone gear, like my Pico. But, I like to...
  17. Edwood

    SSD - Fi

    I admit it. I'm hooked. Ever since I installed a 1.8" 16GB Samsung SLC SSD drive in my Fujitsu P1610, I'm simply addicted to the ridiculously fast access speeds. Not to mention the 30 second boot up time. Write speeds certainly aren't making me forget about my Velociraptor, but I can't...
  18. Edwood

    SOLD: April Music Stello DA220 DAC

    April Music Stello DA220 DAC 8/10 on the Audiogon Scale. Comes with Original Box, Manual, and stock IEC power cable. SOLD $855with Free Ground Shipping in the Continental USA. PayPal preferred, fees included. I will ship to international members with established feedback here at my...
  19. Edwood

    Sony MDR-R10 Owner's Club

    They don't seem to be getting a lot of love here lately. But my R10's are still my favorite headphone in my home. I'll start. # 444 here. -Ed
  20. Edwood

    Smyth SVS Realiser Virtual Surround Technology for Headphones

    *Update 7-11-2009 Smyth Research has a proper website up, with ordering information and pricing as well. Smyth Research Will be posting more info about the Crowson Tactile Transducers when I get them. They are basically the "subwoofer" for the SVS Realiser. Crowson Technology - TES-100...
  21. Edwood

    Maxpedition Gear

    I am an EDC (Every Day Carry) junkie, I love to carry my tons of gear, toys, and tools with me everywhere I go. Maxpedition is one of my favorite brands. My current EDC bag is a Maxpedition Colossus. I needed something larger (but not too much larger) than the NeatFreak I was using before...
  22. Edwood

    SOLD: Etymotic ER•4S and Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 2

    1. Etymotic ER•4S 7/10 on the Audiogon Scale. Comes with Original carry case, box, 3 pairs of Triflange tips (two new, one barely used, sanitized), filter changing tool with 3 filters, and a few pairs of Shure yellow foam tips. SOLD $135 USD with Free Ground Shipping in the Continental...
  23. Edwood

    Happy Leap Day!

    So how exactly do people with leap day birthday's celebrate it on non leap years Celebrate it on February 28th or March 1st on the other years? -Ed
  24. Edwood

    Sigma DP1

    After being vaporware for more than three years, it finally gets a release date. Spring of this year. Sigma announces DP1 to be available spring 2008: Digital Photography Review SIGMA DP1 I'm glad to see the industrial design is back to being minimalist. No more cheap looking vacuum...
  25. Edwood

    The RIAA has officially crossed the line.

    They've been making veiled threats about considering Ripping your own CD's for your own use as a crime. Total BS. I hope Jeffrey Howell wins the case and wins a counter suit. Total nonsense. I guess the RIAA can't win against real piracy so now they're actually suing...