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  1. ounkchicago

    Tube Amp for K701/DT880 under $800

    Hi all, this is a criteria-based tube amp recommendation thread. Yes, I've done the searches, and I would like to solicit ADDITIONAL opinions. No need to post links to old posts, we can all read those just fine. My two cans of choice are the AKG K701 and the Beyerdynamic DT880-250 (2003...
  2. ounkchicago

    Equation RP-21: impressions about sources

    I've already posted initial impressions about the RP-21 in another post, but I'll recap briefly here. About 100 hours of burn-in so far, relatively neutral soundstage with tight, accurate bass, very smooth and detailed mids, but a slight inaccuracy in the treble that isn't a dealbreaker. Good...
  3. ounkchicago

    Headphone Amp --> Powered Speakers = Surprisingly Good Sound

    Quick Summary: Using a headphone amp with high quality amplified speakers can sound surprisingly good! Background: I stumbled across an unexpectedly pleasant sounding combination at a relatively low cost. I currently use a Creek OBH-21SE headphone amp, being fed by a Cambridge Audio 640C(v2)...