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  1. project86

    Reply to review by 'project86' on item 'Violectric V590'

    Personally I am not such a huge fan of the Mytek stuff. The Manhattan II was improved over the original model, but still pretty far behind the V590 imho. Obviously I can't comment in the upcoming model though, and I do hope they keep getting better and better.
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    Honestly it's been a while since I played with an HE1000SE. From memory I'd say they are pretty similar in overall size, but distinct in their characteristics (depth/width/height). Can't really go beyond that without having the HE1KSE here to directly compare. But I was pretty satisfied with...
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    I use an Audio Art HPX-1 SE most of the time. Subtle improvement in tonal richness, plus it gives me the 4 pin XLR termination I prefer. I also have a few cables from Effect Audio that all do slightly different things to the sound - generally better than stock in most aspects but again not a...
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    @rocksteady65 Once you set the pre-gain to correspond with your source and intended use, the huge range of volume from silent to full scale should be enough in most cases. I suppose if one often switches between Susvara and some uber-sensitive IEMs, it might cause issues, but that's a pretty...
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    Dunno, I really like the DA10, I would choose it any day over Bifrost 2 (which I do think is a great DAC for the price).
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    @AxelCloris - haha sorry about that! I also have fond memories of the old V181, great little amp! @typalder - that's certainly an option when using HE-6 or Susvara or even most Audeze models, the result can be great with the right amp. But I disagree with your general statement. A good...
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    @LeMoviedave - This DAC ends up being very similar to the DA10 in performance. Sweet midrange, great bass extension, flawless treble, wide open staging. It would be very difficult to pick one or the other, as far as the DAC part goes. V590 has a drastically better headphone section, as it should...
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    Forgot to mention - my review unit is technically a prototype. It's totally the finished product internally, so the sonic impressions remain valid. It's just a few aesthetic things that changed on the production unit... the Violectric logo font is a bit different, as is the text next to that...
  9. Violectric V590

    Violectric V590

    Headphone oriented super-integrated from Violectric. The amp section is an evolution of the popular V281, while the DAC portion is all new.
  10. Euphony Summus Music Server / Streamer

    Euphony Summus Music Server / Streamer

    Fanless, powerful music playback device which handles Roon, Tidal, Qobuz, and more.
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    Sorry, have not heard that one so can't comment or compare.
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    I think it is only when combining two Rlabs products, that they would "talk" to each other properly for volume control. Not sure it would happen with any other streamer, nor am I aware of any updates to Veritas to enable it with Android volume. Sorry, that's probably not what you were hoping to...
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    That's very possible. I often hear the biggest difference from universal to custom versions in the lower regions, where customs often perform far better - even if I feel like I get a great fit on the universal model. Not sure why that is.
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    Reply to review by 'project86' on item 'Niimbus Audio US4+'

    I wouldn't necessarily call the V281 warmer - the tuning is very similar between both amps. But I suppose the Niimbus has such clear treble that it can sort of steal the spotlight a bit, giving the perception of a "brighter" sound at first listen.
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    Yes, it can be found here:
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    Using the Mirus Pro Signature, I think the difference between Fluvius and the SD Card player is virtually zero. There were a few times where I felt the SD player had maybe a 2% improvement but it was fleeting.... not sure it matters at that point, being so difficult to discern. Basically they...
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    Review by 'project86' on item 'Resonessence Labs Fluvius'

    Resonessence Labs has always specialized in DACs. From the original Invicta which put them on the map back in 2011, to the diminutive Herus DAC/headphone amp, the Concero series, their superb Veritas, and the latest flagship Signature edition of the Mirus Pro - when people think Resonessence...
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    Review by 'project86' on item 'Cayin HA300'

    Cayin has been around for quite some time, but within the last few years have really made a push into the personal audio space. Their iDAC-6 D/A converter, iDAP-6 file-player, and iHA-6 headphone amplifier make a brilliant stack. Their HA-1A mk2 delivers sumptuous tube goodness. And their...
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    Review by 'project86' on item 'Audio Art HPX-1SE'

    Confession time: I don't really like reviewing cables. It's a controversial topic that can often be more trouble than it's worth. And even when dealing with a crowd of cable enthusiasts, most would generally agree that cable upgrades represent a much smaller change in sound compared to swapping...
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    Review by 'project86' on item 'iFi Audio iSilencer 3.0'

    Quick note - this is part two of a series covering various tweaks from iFi Audio. Part one focused on the Gemini3.0 dual head USB cable while the next post will cover the DC iPurifier2. The focus of this installment is the iSilencer3.0, which is a $49 "USB Noise Eliminator". iFi promises the...
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    Review by 'project86' on item 'iFi Audio Gemini3.0 USB Cable'

    iFi Gemini3.0 Dual Head USB Cable Dual head USB cables have always struck me as interesting and fairly clever. Rather than a standard single-cable, source-to-DAC link, they split the power and signal connections into completely separate portions - which then combine at the DAC input. The...
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    Reply to review by 'project86' on item 'Asustor AS6404T'

    Still don't get it, sorry mate! Sounds like you are describing a basic setup with NAS used as storage, hardwired on the same network as your streaming device. Which of course is a valid use case. Whether or not that sounds better than wiring up the DAC to NAS via USB, really depends on the...
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    I have not, and I'm not sure I quite understand the chain. For example, take my Aurender X100L. It only has a single Ethernet port. If I connect the NAS directly to that, how will my Aurender get on the network - which is required for the remote control functionality?
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    Yes, but it doesn't have a premade package like Synology devices do. You'll have to run it via container using Docker, or else virtual machine in VirtualBox. I have yet to mess with it and get it up and running since the a very powerful system is recommended for the huge library I have, and the...