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  1. Mr.Sneis

    MrSpeakers Alpha Pads Like New

    I bought these to try on my HE500. I dont have the guts to stretch these out to mount the pads so they are up for sale. I would also happily trade for TTVJ Grado flats/dlx flats in good shape. $45 shipped conus.
  2. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Stax HPS-2 Stand

    I have a gently used Stax HPS-2 stand for sale. I'd rate condition 8.5/10 due to minor scratch but hard to spot. Asking $55 shipped CONUS.
  3. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Norne Skuld 6ft Balanced Cable for Audeze

    *Sold* I have a nice ~6ft Norne Skuld XLR cable for sale. Asking price $145 shipped. I will consider trade for a comparable HD800 or Hifiman (SMC) cable in nice condition. Single ended preferred but let's see if I find any bites. I'm also looking for a mint condition stock hd800 cable as well.
  4. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Stax SRM-717 w/ o2mk1

    Classic stat and amp combo here, I don't know the last time I saw these two sold together. The o2mk1 is in awesome shape for its age, I'd say 8.5/10. Pads are very nice, comes with original hard case but no cardboard outer box. The amp is 8/10, minor paint loss on the back cover and a scratch...
  5. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Schiit Ragnarok v1 Black

    *Sold* Original Raggy, late production, big black and beautiful. This amp floors me but I can't keep it. Condition is 8/10, there are scuffs on the top from when the op packed it with the power cable sitting on top of it. You will see them when direct light is on the amp but not so much in...
  6. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Grado RS-1i

    *Sold* Grado RS-1i headphones. About 7/10 condition, few Knicks in wood and scratch on headband. Comes with box as shown. $320 Shipped conus
  7. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Audio Technica ath-ad700x

    Sold: Great shape, non stock pads. These have Brainwavz xl sheepskin pads. Asking $50 shipped usa.
  8. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Metrum Octave mk1

    Fantastic DAC, I upgraded for this setup to a more expensive DAC. Few scratches but nothing serious. This is the original Mk1 with no USB. Also standard power cable is not included. Asking 350 shipped conus.
  9. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Apex Peak w/Volcano power supply

    *Sold* Apex Peak w/ Shuguang 6sn7se Globe tube (not shown) 8/10 condition; Awesome but not enough space for this rig anymore. $700 Shipped
  10. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Hifiman HE-6 (6 screw) Mint Condition

    *Sold* Fresh from Hifiman RMA, blown driver due to a stupid mistake on my part. 9+ shape, yokes are tight, padding is like new. These do live up to the hype but honeymoon is over. Comes with box, stock pleather and velour pads, unknown make 1/4" cable. $800 shipped conus.
  11. Mr.Sneis

    SOLD: ECP Torpedo III - All Upgrades w/ Extra Tubes

    SOLD Back into the market for this one. It is an amazing amp bar-none but I have more power needs for planar headphones. Bought just a few weeks ago from here: Awesome condition and awesome tube package comes with it...
  12. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Vintage Sennheiser HD580

    Sold: HD 580, made in Ireland in good, not perfect condition. These have new aftermarket pads on the headband and earpads. These feel tight on the head and have been taken care of over the years but see cosmetic blemishes in pictures. Comes as shown. Asking $175 shipped conus.
  13. Mr.Sneis

    *Sold* Grado HF-2 Upgraded Headband + G-Cush

    *Sold* Great headphones, I've not used them much lately and looking to free up some cash. These have a history as a limited run release you can lookup on headfi. Upgraded thick leather turbulent labs headband and genuine Grado G cush pads in like new condition. This pair has two things to...
  14. Mr.Sneis

    FS: Mint Stax Lambda Nova Signature - Refurbed by Stax Japan 2019

    Factory refurbished Stax Lambda Nova Signatures. Been hanging onto these for sentimental reasons for a while but not getting the love they should since I have Omega 2's. I bought these from someone in Japan just after they had them refurbished by Stax Japan in mid 2019. You can see...
  15. Mr.Sneis

    FS: Pads - Grado G Cush, Denon dx000, Dekoni x00 Fenst., Hifiman Focus

    Took some inventory on pads that I'm not using and in great shape.... prices include shipping and paypal. $35 Grado G Cush - brand new unused, not knockoffs $40 Original Denon D7/5/2k pads, these are used and show some light wear but honestly still pretty good shape considering their age...
  16. Mr.Sneis

    Wtb: cd900st

    Feeling nostalgic, Lmk if you have a pair to sell. Looking for minty condition please.
  17. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Singxer SU-1 Magna Fi edition

    Sold Selling a mint condition Singxer SU-1 with Magna Fi upgrade. Details on the upgrade: Comes with box and usb cable. Asking $285 shipped conus.
  18. Mr.Sneis

    WTB: Grado G Cush

    Looking for a clean like new pair of G cush pads. LMK if you have a pair for sale.
  19. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Sony CD900ST

    *Sold* These are great headphones but I'm trying to slim down. Condition is a solid 8/10, minor scuffs on the tops of the chrome trim, pads are in excellent shape. You will be amazed at how much better these are than the 7506/v6. Asking $85 shipped conus.
  20. Mr.Sneis

    FS: Mutec MC 1.2 usb to spdif interface Silver

    Have a perfect condition and perfect functioning Mutec 1.2 for sale. Comes with original box. Asking $210 shipped conus.
  21. Mr.Sneis

    SOLD: DXPWR Linear Regulated Power Supply 9v for Uptone Regen

    *SOLD* Nice little tweak for your Uptone Regen or ISO Regen, way cheaper than the LPS-1 for comparable performance. Plug the stock switching supply into the DC in and outputs clean power to the Regen. Asking $50 shipped CONUS.
  22. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Schiit Wyrd USB Decrapper

    *sold* This made a noticeable improvement in my chain but I've since moved on. Mint condition bigger feet added. Complete with box. Asking $50 + 5 shipping conus.
  23. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Singxer SU-1 USB to SPDIF - Black

    *Sold* Highly regarded USB to spdif DDC,I use this to output to multiple DACs simultaneously with no USB inputs. Love it but I have upgraded on my end. I also updated the firmware to the latest version. Nearly mint condition a tiny rub mark as shown in the third picture, I think it might have...
  24. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Stax SRM-T1S Electrostatic Energizer Tube Hybrid

    **Sold** Stax SRM-T1S for sale. I like this amp but I honestly don't need it. I recommend this amp for lambdas, even over the 4 tube units like the 007t. These have pro and standard bias and a switchable balanced/rca input. This design predates the 006t that is sold today but is essentially the...
  25. Mr.Sneis

    Sold: Stax 007mk2 (latest version) Black - Excellent

    *Sold* These headphones are beautiful, the pads feel like new, the headband is not stretched out. Very minor paint wear on the grills which are painted black i can spot in direct light. Use with a s top end Stax amp or Gilmore design like Blue Hawaii or kgss carbon for best experience. No...