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  1. Boris-Aries

    CMoy Revisited - with Metallized Polycarbonate & or Metallized Polyester, Conductive Polymer Solid Aluminium & Tantalum Capacitor

    Hi everyone,   Just thought to ask everyone about the... yep, you guessed it, the Cap question.   I have found a surplus of the aforementioned capacitors. The Met. PolyCarbs from: WIMA (MKC-10), Roederstein & PHILIPS.   The Met. Polyester: Wima (MKS-2)   The Tantalum...
  2. Boris-Aries

    New power supply design for CMoy

    Hi, Not sure if someone else has posted previously for using the TC962, but I find it a very convenient item to do a lot of things :-) I have posted a few different versions in a blog I have so I would not have to take a lot of premium space here in the forum pages.   The link is here:  ...