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  1. johnwmclean

    FS: Balanced β22 and dual mono σ22 psu

        Up for sale is a balanced Beta22 and dual mono σ22 psu built by myself.   The Amp Section • Is balanced only and is configured for a gain of 2 which is a total of 4 balanced. • Pre-amp output. • 48 step Khozmo Attenuator with Caddock output resistors. • DC protection via...
  2. johnwmclean

    FS: Mint LCD-2 Rev 2 with Norse OCC 8-Strand cable

    Up for sale are LCD-2 Rev2 headphones bought new from Headroom on 28th July 2010. If you are interested in a Norse OCC 8-Strand 8ft Cable I will bundle than in with the sale. The phones, wooden box, paper work and shipping boxes are in 10/10 condition, not a mark or scratch. The stock...
  3. johnwmclean

    Audeze LCD-2’s Sydney Australia 6 weeks old MINT

    Wooden Box Papers Wood Cleaner/Cloth (unused) Warranty original shipping box S/N  5312373   6 weeks old, pristine condition, hardly used.   $xxxAUD plus postage.    
  4. johnwmclean

    Reduced - Epos M Subwoofer Sydney Australia

    Nice dark reddish wood, light use. Local pick-up only.   Auditions, inspections welcome.   $300aud
  5. johnwmclean

    Reduced - For Sale Hornshoppe speakers Sydney Australia

    Ed Schillings famous horns for sale, latest drivers. Got these over Christmas, little use, as new with boxes.  Local pick-up preferred for Sydneysiders. Colour is light golden wood veneer.   Auditions welcome!   $400aud.   
  6. johnwmclean

    Krispy Kables

    It’s a pleasure for me to start a feedback thread for Krispy Kables. I ordered a Furutech plug for a very good price, communication was excellent, postage was quick and a part refund was issued for postage which I was totally unaware of, a very honest company indeed. Best thing is they’re...
  7. johnwmclean

    HD800 Australia $950 SOLD

    Up for sale are my my HD800’s.   Serial number 00427, bought a week or so old from head-fier Lil’ Knight in late 2009. Comes boxed with all original packaging and original cable that has been terminated for balanced with 2 x 3 pin XLR neutrik connectors. I am able to convert back to 1/4"...
  8. johnwmclean

    Half price never used brand new Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi Gold

    4 tubes available, in boxes brand new, never used as here:   $15 each, price does not include shipping or pp.
  9. johnwmclean

    Cheap DIY PCB‘s available, DCB1 (Mesmerize), FWF5-REVB-V2-SB and PS

    The following PCB’s are up for sale:   DCB1 MESMERIZE x 2......$10 each FWF5-REVB-V2-SB (SUDS) x 2.......$10 each F5 PSU (SUDS) x 2.......$10 each   or the lot for $50.   Available for international shipping, price does not include postage or pp fees. Regards John      
  10. johnwmclean

    Cam Expert is now operating as "Front Panel Pros"

    I recieved this news from Heinz, Cam Expert now have a new name and website: The company believe the new name better serves to describe what they're all about. The old website is still fully operational and is running in tandem. I have no affiliation with the...
  11. johnwmclean

    FS DIY various spare parts, includes KGBH boards

    happy buying, all prices are in USD   KGBH boards 2 x amp boards, 2 x psu + 3 x K389’s $SOLD         Neutrik NL8M 8 Pole SpeakOn Connectors (2 Available) $SOLD each         Neutrik NAC3FCB Power Connector Typ B (2 Available) $SOLD each       Neutrik...
  12. johnwmclean

    The β22 threads thread, help yourself

  13. johnwmclean

    Please Delete

    Silly Post, my bad.
  14. johnwmclean

    Marathon Runners Thread - Your experiences

    I’m keen to hear from all you long distance runners, I’ve been running seriously for 15 years. Just recently I’ve been out of injury and am keen to do the Sydney marathon later this year. I’ve done 2 Canberra Marathons and have also tackled the Six Foot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains. The...
  15. johnwmclean

    does a DAC need a fancy transport?

    this is a bit of a spin off from the thread: I fail to see what a transport does for the signal, being binary data how would a fancy transport have any effect over a computer feed directly into a DAC. I don’t get the need for a high end...
  16. johnwmclean

    Cable and pre-conception, placebo at work?

    Does the type of cable send instant cues of pre-conception, for instance... Silver: Fast, bright and transparent. Copper: Great tone, smooth and relaxed. Gold: Warm and rich. Cables also share uncanny similarities with jewellery, in terms of descriptions of sound. Where was this...
  17. johnwmclean

    σ24 transformer output

    I built a σ24 this morning using this transformer: MYRRA|44087|TRANSFORMER 1.5VA 12V | Farnell Australia I’m sure there’s some reason for this and would like to know why, the output voltage across J2 is 19.6V. I was expecting 12V as that’s the secondary voltages spec. Why is this so...
  18. johnwmclean

    Melbourne DIYer Help

    Earlier this year I built a Jaycar amp for a friend of mine who lives down in Carlton. Recently the amp has been tripping up upon power up and the right channel won't kick in till after a couple of minutes. I'm just wondering if there's any one local that could possibly have a look at it, it...
  19. johnwmclean

    The HD800 divide

    Since it’s introduction the HD800 has caused a divide, almost to a point where for the price $1400 you either love or hate them. Unlike the JH13 for where there’s almost universal love for this IEM see this thread: From what I understand...
  20. johnwmclean

    Norah Jones, The Fall 2009

    5 days till this is officially released, I’m looking forward to it. “Jones has taken a new direction on the The Fall, experimenting with different sounds and a new set of collaborators, including Jacquire King, a noted producer and engineer who has worked with Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, and...
  21. johnwmclean

    KGBH - Searching for a BOM

    Hey guys, I recently got my hands on some BH boards. It's a build I plan to tackle later next year. In my research I've failed to stubble over any BOM's, so I'm looking for a little help from any members that may have one available. Cheers John
  22. johnwmclean

    FS: PRICE DROP Stock HD800 terminated XLR Neutrik 2 x 3 $90 USD PLUS SHIPPING

    $100USD, open internationally as well. Will post pics later.
  23. johnwmclean

    AMB (Ti Kan) Appreciation Thread

    I just want to express my thanks and gratitude to one of Head-fi's star members. Over the past year or so you've helped me on many occasion, and I know without your help I wouldn't have made it through. Your a great community asset, if ever you make a trip downunder I owe you a beer or two. John
  24. johnwmclean

    The Domino Effect, no one's immune

    Imagine you were stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life, with no music. Suddenly after years you discover some cheapo ibuds and iPod with your favourite music (all mp3 sorry!) I reckon that would be like finding gold, and they'd probably be tears of joy running down your face...
  25. johnwmclean

    HD800 Vortex Balanced Cable REVIEW

    Here I am with my very first formal review, the review subject being a HD800 Vortex balanced cable with BAXLR connectors. The cable is made by Jeremy (qusp) of Twisted Cables. I’ve had the cable now for a month or so and have used it exclusively with my Buffalo Sabre32 DAC and balanced β22...