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  1. mrflabby

    Can you recommend a portable/desktop amp

    I'd like to connect my Galaxy S4 phone to my hifi system.   The volume I get using a cable is very low so I wanted to use an amp to improve sound.    Would you recommend using an amp for that? Desktop or portable? I'm looking for decent sound  from flac files and I have a restricted budget. ...
  2. mrflabby

    Samsung Galaxy s4 to HI-FI system

    Problem solved. Thanks
  3. mrflabby

    in-canal for classical music

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find it using the search tool. I'm looking for in-canal earphones to listen to classical music. They must be able to block outside noise and be the budget price range of the Shure E2c - E3c. I know the Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro are the best but...