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  1. mythless

    JDS ODAC w/ RCA out

    Selling my unused JDS ODAC DAC with RCA outs. Still sounds great but, moved on to a different setup. Asking $100+shipping.
  2. mythless

    Hifiman RE-262 IEMs

    Seems to have quite of bit of interests, here is the price.   They are in very nice condition and was never used outside the house.  Kept in a nice altoid tin when not used, cables are in very good condition and always wrapped in the over and under method.    I think I have all the tips...
  3. mythless

    Pico Slim (Black) Limited Edition No. 152

    Selling my Pico Slim.  It's in excellent condition and ever since my move to speakers and full size headphones I have no need for a portable amp.   The Pico Slim is in excellent condition and was always housed in it's leather case.  Listening it to it once more, it's truly a wonderful...
  4. mythless

    IC: Audio-gd Sparrow Version A and Pico Slim Limited edition

    Looking to clear off some gear that I haven't used in quite some time, starting with my amplifiers first.  All have been gently used.  The Pico Slim was never used outside the house!  So much use for a portable amp.  Just checking if there is any interest.  Thanks!
  5. mythless

    REVIEW: Headstage Arrow 3G + Comparison

    REVIEW: Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G   **These are my subjective opinions**   First I would like to thank Robert in sending a sample of his latest and greatest Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G.  It has been truly a long wait, haha probably maybe more than my Pico Slim but it was well worth the wait.  ...
  6. mythless

    Bottlehead S.E.X amplifier + C4S upgrade kit - built

    I originally bought this for my orthodynamic headphones but due to unfortunate events I no longer need this amplifier.  There is quite a bit of information here on Head-Fi.  I am need to recuperate my loses...I am open to reasonable offers or trade.   The unit is built and performing great. ...
  7. mythless

    REVIEW: Earsonic SM3 vs Hifiman RE-262 Comparison

    RE-262 vs SM3: Natural vs Neutral?     **Warning: These are my subjective (and maybe slightly insane) opinions**     Accessories and Build Quality   The SM3 is quite Spartan when compared to the RE-262, but the RE-262 isn’t a treasure chest either.  Both come with spare tips, and...
  8. mythless

    WTB: Hifiman RE262

    As the title says I am looking for a pair of RE262, I am located in Canada, for a fair price.  I am wanting to hear the new flagship and compared them against the RE252 and RE0.  Oddly enough, I might be interested in a pair of RE-ZERO just to complete the line up.  Shoot me an offer I can't...
  9. mythless

    Classical LPs (Vinyl)

    Hey guys,   My family is trying to clean out our Dad's Classical LP collection, pretty good quality too, all imported labels.  Are Classical LPs desirable on today's music market?   Cheers!
  10. mythless

    PENDING - FT/IC: Denon MD5000 (Markl mod with CoA) - CANADA

    Hi Guys,   I'm either looking to sell or trade my Denon MD 5000 headphone, hence the "interest check."  I am not the original owner but this D5000 was modded by and comes with a CoA (card of authenticity).  I also have spare J$ pads.  Overall, it's in good shape.  Cups have...
  11. mythless

    REVIEW: Ortofon O-One (Updated: 840, M50 vs O-One Comparison)

    Brief Introduction:   The Ortofons O-One is part of the company’s new line up for DJs.  Also included on this new lineup is the O-One’s younger brother the O-Two.   The O-One are considered for studio and mixing uses.  I am not a DJ so don’t ask me anything DJ related as I would not know.  ...
  12. mythless

    *GONE*: Grado HF-2 #455 (Canada) - Amp/Dac preferred

    Pending Offers   Hey Guys,   I am trying experiment with different headphones and up for trade or for sale is my HF-2 #455.  They are in great condition and have been taken well care of.   I am open to various trades, headphone, amp/dac (especially), so PM me if you want to trade!  I...
  13. mythless

    Help with Amp Recommendation

    Hey Guys,   Don't know if I should be posting the Computer Thread, but I am looking for a good, decently powerful, somewhat compact and budget minded amp (~$150CAD) to be hooked up to my computer through my sound card.  New or used, I'm fine with either.  I'm new to the whole non-portable...
  14. mythless

    Short Multi Review, RE0, S4, RE252

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at developing a review. It's pretty short, but go easy on me . I am sure there are many people out there wanting to see a comparison. Source: Sansa Fuze using FLAC or 192-320 bitrate Amp: none Package and Build. I have the 2nd generation version of...
  15. mythless

    WTB> Grado HF-2

    As the title says, I am currently interested in purchasing a pair of Grado HF-2, I would prefer buying within Canada, but I don't mind buying it from the USA. I might considered overseas, but I would like to see what's available in Canada or USA. Please PM me your offers. Thanks
  16. mythless

    Looking Classical/Spanish/Flamenco Guitar Songs

    Been looking on youtube (I know not the best place), but I am trying to find some good classical, spanish, flamenco guitar songs/artist to listen too. I would like to say songs with a spanish flare, but this is completely new to me. Thanks in advance!