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  1. senorx12562

    SOLD:Jotunheim w/ balanced 4490 Dac

    This unit was purchased new (not b-stock)by me from Schiit in September 2017. Don't ask me what "silent revision" it is, as I can't even confirm that such a thing exists. Dac hasn't been used much, as I have had a Gungnir MB the entire time I've owned it. Haven't decided what to replace it with...
  2. senorx12562

    F/S Focal/Massdrop Elex w/o cables.$525

    Functionally perfect, except for the cables, both of which have failed. I had cables for HiFiMan headphones that work fine so never replaced them. I will let the purchaser decide for themselves what to replace them with. Original box and paperwork included. Would consider a trade for a wifi...
  3. senorx12562

    Schiit Saga

    I have enjoyed this Preamp for about a year. Purchased new directly from Schiit July 2019. Can be used in passive mode or with the tube active in the circuit as a buffer. Sounds great either way, though it is slightly more transparent in passive mode. The tube seems to add a minimal amount of...
  4. senorx12562

    F/S: AKG k553 Pro

    I've had these for about three years. As you can see, the pads have been replaced. The originals, while softer, compressed enough to allow my ears to contact the drivers, which made my ears sore after a couple hours of use. These are much better, and actually boosted the bass a little, so...
  5. senorx12562

    F/S: Campfire Audio Comets-Price reduced; $135

    These were purchased directly from CA 9/30/2018. As near as I can tell, they are flawless cosmetically and functionally. Includes all accessories that came with them originally, except for the CA pin, which I cannot find. I probably threw it away, as even I am not enough of a dork to actually...
  6. senorx12562

    LH Lab's Geek Pulse dac/amp (cancelled)

    Base model, original owner. Great sq/$ at this price. Can send pix to anyone interested. Includes 3W amp. Don't need anymore. LH Labs has alienated the marketplace, but I've been happy with the sound and reliabilty of this unit. Open to offers. Shipping to Conus only. SALE CANCELLED.
  7. senorx12562

    Schiit Magni 3 SOLD

  8. senorx12562

    Modi Multibit

  9. senorx12562

    Garage 1217 Project Polaris w/ aluminum chassis

    Purchased directly from Garage 1217 in November 2015, so will have almost 4 years warranty left. Excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Very flexible and powerful amp. Green led, (which is easily changed) and mellow bandwidth option. I bought this amp to use with planars and low impedance...
  10. senorx12562

    HiFiMan HE500

    These are the best cans I have ever owned. Unfortunately i must sell. I will pay shipping and paypal fee at this price. The cans are in very good condition cosmetically and functionally perfect. Still have the original pleather pads, but the cans are wearing HM5 angled pleather pads with the...
  11. senorx12562

    Meridian Explorer 1

    Not 2, but after the output impedance reduction (to 5 ohms from 50). Has a combination line-out/optical out, which is how I mostly used it. Digitally controlled analog volume control. Built-in hp amp good for any iems and medium sensitivity cans. Great sq for low price, which will include...
  12. senorx12562

    Emotive Big Ego

    I've owned this dac for about 6 months. Works flawlessly. Internal hp amp will drive almost anything, including my hd600s, 250 ohm dt880s, and he500s, although the latter marginally, meaning they get loud enough but with no headroom. 3 different internal digital filters and a digital crossfeed...
  13. senorx12562

    Westone w40, brand new

    Brand New- still in box with shrink wrap. I will pay pp fees and shipping within CONUS. I won't ship outside CONUS, so don' ask. Will consider trades for closed 'phones of similar value, or better yet, plus cash.  SOLD.
  14. senorx12562

    Fiio X3 Gen 1.

    Fiio x3 1st gen in perfect condition. No box or card. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. PM me with questions
  15. senorx12562

    Westone w40

    Westone W40s. Come with all accessories (see picture) plus some extra comply tips. I just don't use them much. Paypal only. I'll pay shipping and paypal fees. PM me with questions.
  16. senorx12562

    Schiit Valhalla 2 (sale pending)

    Valhalla 2, stock tubes, no interconnects (don't think it came with any) or original box. probably 100 hrs of use. Selling because I'm mostly using planars these days. I also have a pair of HD600s for sale in the headphone section, which pair very well with this amp. PM me with questions.
  17. senorx12562

    Sennheiser HD600

    Perfect operating condition, in box see picture includes shipping and paypal fees, paypal only. There are a few scratches here and there. PM me with any questions.
  18. senorx12562

    Looking for an inexpensive tube amp

    I'm looking for an inexpensive tube amp to serve as both a headphone amp and to drive a set of Klipsch KG4s to relatively low volumes (if such a thing exists.) The speakers are rated at 6 ohms nominal and 94dB@1w@m. By inexpensive I mean <$400, hopefully much less. I've been looking at two...