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  1. mrdelayer

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    BlackBerry Pearl (T-Mobile) now I'm just waiting impatiently for FedEx to knock on my door tomorrow...
  2. mrdelayer

    Should i get Dish Network?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jpelg 1. The house wiring is bizarre. For every two TV's you have one box, with the second television wired in series. The servicemen also did a crappy job of laying the wire thru the cellar, and I had to call them back to clean it up. I still haven't figured...
  3. mrdelayer

    Tablet PC-fi!

    Apparently the Quick Ship model of the C-140 (the C-140X QS, if you will) started shipping last week. Hopefully the C-140X is next to come.
  4. mrdelayer

    Tablet PC-fi!

    I think the following image thoroughly describes this thread. Already.
  5. mrdelayer

    My girlfriend is going to Japan for two weeks. What should I ask for?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Squeek Cucumber Pepsi! A friend of mine is currently in Japan on vacation; I asked him to look for some for me, heh. I'll report back with my impressions if he finds it.
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    I suffer from a touch of "germaphobia"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Squeek Sadly, open flames are not readily available at my work station. When I get my dream job as a Luau "pig pit" attendant I will be concerned. I laughed out loud at that one. :
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    Tablet PC-fi!

    On Monday I ordered my first tablet PC (and my first laptop in general), the Gateway C-140X. Just announced last week, not expected to arrive until the 25th. Hopefully it'll help with college, with both physics- and computer science- related classes and my 'write all over the page and draw a...
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    I suffer from a touch of "germaphobia"

    Hate to burst your bubble, but hand sanitizer isn't really meant to be a replacement for real soap and water. It's also a fire hazard. Cleanliness, though, however obsessive, is hardly unhealthy, I'd say. Doesn't seem to be controlling your life like some germaphobes. What about your...
  9. mrdelayer

    California driver's license typo What:confused:

    Yeah. That would mean you are a licensee (i.e., one to whom a license is granted) whose license was granted on a provisional basis. I see no mistake here.
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    I just got a job!

    The other tech support they do is AT&T HomeZone, which is the department I'll be in. Seems to be the same as U-Verse, but with DISH Network instead of IPTV.
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    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scottyyy Cheap PC6400 RAM. Replacements for my Crucial Ballistix PC5300 (amazing overclockers btw) as they are being RMA'd. Died after 4 weeks. Must not have been that great of an overclocker, then.
  12. mrdelayer

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Gateway C-140X tablet PC Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz (4MB L2), 2 GB PC2-5300 RAM, 120 GB HDD, ATI Mobility Radeon X2300HD 256MB, DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive, extended battery, three-year warranty with accidental, and a carrying case. And overnight shipping. $1,935.40 after $200 instant...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by flashnolan Anyone ever dare to eat puffer? You know, I'm still feeling pretty daring after having eaten a large amount of raw fish for the first time last night; I'd try it if I could find it around here and hadn't made such a huge dent in my wallet...
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    What Internet browsers are you using?

    Team Opera-Fi ftw! edit: oh snap post 400
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    Have there always been people like this?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EyeAmEye Wow, what a loser. If she were my daughter, she would have earned a slap across her face. If she were my daughter, she wouldn't have gotten a Lexus in the first place. Hell, she wouldn't have gotten a Kia.
  16. mrdelayer

    The 5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in an FPS

    There was this one Counter-Strike map with drivable motorcycles and tanks. I hopped on a motorcycle, went off a ramp, and hit a guy in the head. Console read something to the effect of "mrdelayer killed so-and-so with a headshot from vehicle"
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    How to acquire a British accent?

    Quote: Originally Posted by StevieDvd OK. English first lesson: To say hello in posh voice AIR-HAIR-LAIR (said like one long word) I don't get it.
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    what was your first computer?

    Apple //c in the house.
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    I want the Golden Euphoria grado 325 [i] could use some new headphones please give them to me Does that count as a poem? It's a haiku, at least.
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    Funny poorly translated D2000 ebay ad

    I rather enjoyed this gem: With former driver unit, from the middle limits betting on high pass quality on the material of the material, with rigid insufficiency, and the like rigidity is high vis-a-vis smooth reappearance being difficult, by the fact that the micro fiber where propagation...
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    Wow, didn't know Bose was that bad!

    Quote: Originally Posted by xinoxide i broke a bose subwoofer at bestbuy, got kicked out. Why am I the only one to ask you to elaborate?
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    Help me buy my first computer

    Quote: Originally Posted by lan I also like the Apple laptops because it attracts women. I don't know what women you've been talking to lately, but some of them may have been men. Very, very nerdy men. Who like to dress in women's clothing.