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  1. Marzie

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    I'll explain the bolded part. I left the buck converter connected to the power circuit as before, but powered a different pi with it. I then hooked a wall wart up to the Pi that is supposed to go to the amp. When I connected the RCA of the Main pi to the amp, there was no noise, even with the...
  2. Marzie

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    I'm having some issues with my older Max. I didn't used to have any problems, but I have made some changes, and I'm not sure which one is causing my problem.   I'm hearing frequent static in my headphones. it is not consistent, sometimes it is very faint, sometimes it is loud, mostly loud...
  3. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    I forgot to mention that the router burned the headphone jack a little. I don't think it will be a problem after I sand and stain. The right hand side of the case (the Pi side) will be smaller. I was using the foam board to simulate where the side will be when I shrink it, although it is not in...
  4. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    No worries tomb! I have had a set in my drawer for several years, so I was used to seeing the splash of color, and wasn't expecting the white boxes. But I will just keep the old boxes around for nostalgia.   The one thing he emphasized is that he is very diligent about cleaning the pins of the...
  5. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    I did a little research into 3D printing and got started with Autodesk 123D. This is so much easier than Sketchup. I made a mockup of the back panel in about an hour, with YouTube tutorials (The Ben Heck Show FTW.) Much less time than by hand. Plus, I was able to model a few different layouts...
  6. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    Messed around and learned some basic functions in Google Sketchup. I know this is pretty rough, but I've never really used it before. Just wanted to play around a little bit.      
  7. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    They used to have ground wires until I pulled the chassis apart yesterday. What I was trying to say was that anything soldered to these jacks breaks off very easily, which is what happened to the ground wires. Have you ever experienced a material that just doesn't take solder well? What do you...
  8. Marzie

    Tube Amp + Raspberry Pi + DAC build

    This is more like a very loud hum, which changes as I touch certain components. To me, sounds like a grounding issue. There is some of the scratchiness too, which does sound like the headphone noise I've heard before, only a little more extreme. We will see when it's all cased up. There's...
  9. Marzie

    Has anybody used a HiFiBerry as a high -end DAC?

    In my other thread, I mention my plans to incorporate a Pi with a tube amp in a single enclosure, probably a Millet Mofset. Is this DAC chip good enough, or would I be better off building a grubDac into my Millet build, and using the USB out of the Pi? Using this seems much simpler. 
  10. Marzie

    Millett Hybrid Max Front Panel Express Files for Top

    What did you use for the bushings around the tube holes?
  11. Marzie

    Heartland Cables 1m L-5CFB RCA Interconnects w/ Eichmann Bullets

    For sale is a pair of Heartland Cables 1m L-5CFB RCA Interconnects w/ Eichmann Bullets in a black sheath.  I think I used these for about 6 months. Price is $42 + Paypal fees     I also have a pair of Signal Cable interconnects, also 1m, $32 + Paypal fees   If anyone is still using 6...
  12. Marzie

    Just got some B&W 685s! Help me make them sing! (Amp questions)

    Looks interesting, lots of customization options, but it gives the hint of "FOTM"
  13. Marzie

    Just got some B&W 685s! Help me make them sing! (Amp questions)

    No responses? Hmm, where is everyone? I'm still up in the air about what to do for my tube-lust... I'm considering a mapletree audio or decware switchbox, going from the record out on the cambridge to a tube pre, then switching the output to a solid state power amp... If I have to switch cables...
  14. Marzie

    hotaudio40 's amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by lowlevelowl That setup should work great. You will need a 1/8" mini jack to RCA cable. To connect the DAC to the AMP. I just ordered one from Blue Jeans Cable for under $30. Haven't received yet, so I can't comment on quality, but others here seem pleased...
  15. Marzie

    SOLD: DT-770 Pro (80 Ohm)

    All PMs responded too. Still for sale.
  16. Marzie

    Kenosha Micro-Meet

    By the way, thank you to Socrates3000 for paying for lunch and the lion's share of dinner! Many thanks, man.
  17. Marzie

    Good heavens - check out this packaging!

    That is some excellent tube photography!
  18. Marzie

    Jambo DAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by TimmyMac What about Glass Jar? He's been selling kits for a while now. x2 I believe he even offers alien DACs with the "difficult" chip soldered down, so that might be an idea as well, to save you some time/effort.
  19. Marzie

    wow, I didn't know it was possible to actually blow up an IC...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Singapura I thought you blew up your interconnect! Now that would have been a feat. LOL, same here! But a good thread, nonetheless.
  20. Marzie

    WTB: Diyeden SVUC01 Tube DAC

    If you find one, let me know. I would even be interested in a picture of the thing.
  21. Marzie

    Post pics of your builds....

    Still wondering about the RCAs (or did I miss it?)
  22. Marzie

    Road trip..

    24.99 From what I remember, there aren't too many great electronic stores there. There is an FYE (mall of America website) (here is their homepage) and I know their other locations carry different types of mediocre headphones. There is also an Apple store and a Bose store (LOL.) I don't know...
  23. Marzie

    3rd interview = job?

    This is typical of some companies. The interviews you have had so far are probably where many would be weeded out, and from the sound of it, it might be a case where there are many applicants. The phone interview was probably cursory and probably determined you were going to get called in for...