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  1. crapback

    ATH CK-100 First Impressions

    Sorry it took so long to reply. I used the small olives.
  2. crapback

    Can I get Ultimate Ears to release ear impression info to JH Audio?

    Get some paper cups, some plaster, and a little saran wrap and make molds of your 18pros. You could probably ask JH what type of material to use to make new ear impressions with.
  3. crapback

    Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says

    That just sounds really dirty. I'll try as long as I don't have to do anything with anyone else's statisticuls.
  4. crapback

    Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says

    I need to start a new racket so I can make billions to fight earthquakes. I think I can convince the public that mankind is responsible for them. I think showing a correlation between the rise in the earth's population and the rise in earthquake related deaths would be enough to convince people...
  5. crapback

    Klipsch Custom 3 vs TF10?

    I'd definitely pick up a set for that price. You have to be way too careful with the cord and it is pretty microphonic, but I think the sound quality makes up for the c3's shortcomings. I find them fine for the occasional activity, but I wouldn't trust the cord to last very long for a more...
  6. crapback

    Prizefight: Beats Solo vs. Bose On-Ear

    I like to make doodie in thrones.
  7. crapback

    health issues associated with prolonged headphones use due to EMF pollution?

    What about this? Geomagnetism - Secular variation I know it's from Canada, but they did give us Bob and Doug Mackenzie.
  8. crapback

    What's in a McDonald's hamburger?

    I wonder where BK gets the grill juice to flavor their meat product.
  9. crapback

    hexacopter, wow.. ("toy" if you can call it that)

    Do you have to get an anal probe to play with that?
  10. crapback

    Please help with a possible Trojan on my PC

    You could always try this. Trojan Hunter anti trojan scanner - Remove trojans, spyware, adware and more
  11. crapback

    Does tin foil block electromagnetic waves (to a notable degree)?

    Oh crap, a bunch of Canadian zombies? "Brains, you hoser!" "More brains, eh?!"
  12. crapback

    almost had a heart attack.....

    You could always get a foodsaver and vacuum seal them every night.
  13. crapback

    The Opamp thread

    I get especially suspicious when it involves some of the most popular opamps on the market. If you or Spud will vouch for them that's good enough for me.
  14. crapback

    The Opamp thread

    Yup. I guess to me the paint looks like a cheap silkscreen afterthought. The paint just looks too cheap for me to think it's a factory job.
  15. crapback

    The Opamp thread

    I would love to be proved wrong. The only other opamps I've seen painted like that were some DIP8 NE5532's I got with a gigawork DAC.
  16. crapback

    The Opamp thread

    I've never seen a custom painted 797 like that before. The ones I ordered from digi-key definitely don't look like that. I wouldn't be surprised if the only upgrade you'd be getting from that seller is the new paint. I'm calling shenanigans. Here is a link to genuine AD797BRZ's. Digi-Key -...
  17. crapback

    To what degree is jitter audible?

    If you take an optical output from your transport or computer and jab the cable into your eye, you can see the jitter. You have to make sure you don't blink at all, or you'll miss it.
  18. crapback

    You might be a headneck if.......

    Get it out of my head. Make it stop! Make it stop! Getting the urge to... grow mullet. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  19. crapback

    Some Scientific Data on Isolation, Power, and Cables

    Come on Sqatsi, let's hear that sales pitch. I want to hear about Prat and resolution, and musicality and timing. Tell me I'm sexy. Oh wait. Wrong forums.
  20. crapback

    So who would you put on the halftime show? Destroyed my memory of a legend.

    They could have NAMBLA do a tribute to Michael Jackson.
  21. crapback

    Some Scientific Data on Isolation, Power, and Cables

    Quote: Originally Posted by TwoTrack Nordost engaged a team of UK defense contractors with deep radar/communication experience named Acuity Products along with power supply and isolation maker Vertex AQ to create a scientific basis for audio gear isolation, power improvements and better...
  22. crapback

    Ear Bud to IEM "converter" ?

    They do look evil, but they're actually really really soft, like fake fishing worms.