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  1. Erieg

    WTS: Headstage Arrow 5TX

    The amp is brand new, never been used. I ordered a year ago and I just received it. Unfortunately I have moved on from portable audio and have little use for it. It is the the normal bass boost model. If you have ever been interested and don't want to wait a very extended time this is your...
  2. Erieg

    Sennheiser HD650 - Updated

    Due to unfortunate circumstances I am forced to sell my audio gear that I purchased in January. This ad is to sell my Sennheiser hd650s. They are in mint condition. No physical defects and sound amazing, I did replace the 1/4 inch to 1/8th in adapter (as shown in the pictures) with a much...
  3. Erieg

    Headphone Amp Advice Needed (Optical & iPad)

    I am looking for an amp/dac to run my HD650s when I am away form my main system. Portable would be cool but if not thats fine. The main qualifications are that it:   1- Handle my 650s 2- Have optical input (I will be running data from my airport express) 3- My iPad (3rd Gen) needs to be...
  4. Erieg

    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    Hi all. I was informed at work that the entire floor was sick of hearing my music and that I had to kill it (damn the touchy engineers hating Bach followed by the Beastie Boys). So being the optimist that I am I figured it was a perfect time to spend money again. I picked up a pair of Sennheiser...
  5. Erieg

    Portable External Hard Drive - Pausing During Playback

    I am using a WD USB 3 "My Passport" attached to my mac as a music source. During play back using Audirvarna & iTunes I am experiencing 5 second pauses. It sorta seems like a buffer got hosed. It doesn't happen to any particular track nor time span and if I transfer music to the internal SSD it...
  6. Erieg

    USB Cables - Good Quality & Apparence?

    I am looking for two USB cables and I am having a really hard time with Google apparently. I am looking for a USB A to B cable to go between my Macbook and DAC. I want a quality cable and (this is probably vain, but..) one that looks good. Sleeving would be great. All I can seem to find are...
  7. Erieg

    CypherLabs AlgoRhythm Solo

    I am selling my AlgoRhythm Solo. It is in perfect shape and I have the proof of purchase for warranty concerns. I hate to sell it but my time available to actually listen to it has plummeted and I can't justify keeping it.   I am asking $500 + paypal fees. I am also including a three inch...
  8. Erieg

    Dark Amp?

    I am having a problem with brightness, well sure with intellect, but more importantly in the amps I have purchased. The first amp I bought was a Rx MKII and the highs were so strong I could only take it for about 15 minutes before I wanted to rip my IEMs out of my ears and smash them with a...
  9. Erieg

    Re terminating IEM Cable - Look For Help Where?

    Hi all, I am new around here and I don't want to post this in the wrong place so let me know if this it or not. I want to re terminate my IEMs cable with a ViaBlue connector and due to various reasons my hands aren't steady enough to attempt it myself. I can not figure out where I could get help...
  10. Erieg

    SOLD: ALO Audio 18awg OCC Triple Pipe Cryo LOD

    I have a ALO Audio 18awg OCC Triple Pipe Cryo LOD that I purchased a few weeks ago and it isn't going to fit my needs. It is brand new and in perfect condition. It costs $195 new and I am asking $150 PayPal only and only in the lower 48. I will pay for shipping.   The reason I am selling...
  11. Erieg

    iPhone 4 To HS Arrow LOD?

    Ok, I have been reading until my eyes started bleeding and my head feels worse than the day after St. Patrick's. Last night I ordered a new HS Arrow which I am going to use with my iPhone 4. I have spent most of my time since then trying to figure out what LOD to order.   My main concerns...
  12. Erieg

    Secure iPhone 4 & Headstage Arrow Together?

    Ok, this might be a silly question but I just ordered a Headstage Arrow and was wondering how I was going to secure it and my iPhone 4 together. The wide rubber band will either block the home button or part of the screen.   Has someone found a graceful solution?
  13. Erieg

    Did The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Change?

    10 years ago my wife bought a Gibson electric guitar for me on my 30th birthday . I had always wanted to learn how to play. Fast forward 10 years and I still had not even started. So this year my wife bought a USB preamp and some interactive software. She is determined I have to give that.  ...