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  1. hauntingtheholy

    Help! Schitty CLIPPING from the Modi, or.....?

    Holy Schiit.  Am I ever a Sad Panda.  Obviously I'm hearing clipping in my music, and after doing a little research here, I haven't found a place to start.  I'm using a new, original Modi with a Magni 2U and a new laptop.  As I just got the Modi and the laptop, I had only a couple chances to...
  2. hauntingtheholy

    DarkVoice 336e vs. Little Bear P8 - Near identical Chinese amps?

    Minus the exrta small tube on the Little Bear, are these amps super-close in quality? I've heard reviews of DarkVoice, but not litlte Bear p8, so if anyone has heard that one, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Here are some links to the two for sale, Mass Drop not active yet for DarkVoice, but...
  3. hauntingtheholy

    Need help replacing Q40 pads with Beyer 770. Advice? And/or Ultrasone model comparissons

    Hey guys.  I've never done a single mod on a headphone ever, but really want the Beyer pads on my Q40's as the stock pads on those are flaking on me.  Is this a mod so easy a monkey can do it?  If not, I may try trading them.  I love the way they sound with a small amp, though.  If I were gonna...
  4. hauntingtheholy

    Those crappy ipod "stands"....

    People I live with just bought one of those crappy stands that have maybe four tiny speakers and the ipod "plugs" into the middle of it. The sound is terrible. But being a snob myself, I wonder if I over react to it. Is there a better way to listen to an ipod open air?