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  1. LeeSC

    FS: Audeze LCD3F

    Posted wrong place.
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  4. LeeSC

    SOLD: Recabled Grado RS1

    Sale pending.
  5. LeeSC

    Modded Beyerdynamic DT1350

    I have a modified Beyerdynamic DT1350 for sale.  It was recabled so that I can use it with balance source with Whiplash's TWag v2 cable.  It is terminated with mini 4-pin XLS.  A 4-pin XLS to Oyaide 3.5 mm plug is included.  I can't remember how much time I have put in on this phone, but it is...
  6. LeeSC

    SOLD: Fostex HP-P1

    I bought this Fostex HP-P1 thinking that I will be using it a lot on the move.  But I ended up using my Pure i20 dock with my DB2/PB2 mostly in the office.  I don't use much and it is time to let it go.  It has less than 50 hours of play time on it.  It is in mint condition.  I would like $OLD...
  7. LeeSC

    SOLD: V-Moda Crossfade LP

    I bought this V-Moda Crossfade LP to try out but the bass of this headphone is way to much for me.  I am not even sure head-fi is the right place to list this for sale, but I am going to try anyways.  I would like $OLD shipped in US/Canada.  Please add paypal fee on top.
  8. LeeSC

    SOLD: V-Moda M80

    I bought my M80 from V-Moda website direct.  I don't enjoy the sound signature as much as my other headphone.  The build and very good and very comfortable to wear for me.  I am selling it for $OLD shipped in US/Canada.  However, I would like to ask you to pay for the paypal fee. for this phone.
  9. LeeSC


    I bought this pair of headphone two weeks ago, after 2 days of burning in, I still don't like the sound signature. It is in mint condition.  I would like $175 shipped in US/Canada.
  10. LeeSC

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT1350

    I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT1350 for sale.  I own it and use it for about a month.  It is in mint condition.  It has not been use much and it is time to find a new home for it.  I am asking for $OLD shipped in US/Canada.
  11. LeeSC

    4th Calgary meeting , in AUG 2011

    Thanks for organizing it.  That was great.
  12. LeeSC

    SOLD: Bronze Pico Amp/DAC

    Price drop.  Bump.
  13. LeeSC

    SOLD: STAX SRD-7 Pro / SR-202

    I am selling by basic STAX setup: STAX SRD-7 Pro / SR-202.  The SR-202 comes with original box.  I am asking for $OLD plus shipping.  I am not willing to split them.
  14. LeeSC

    SOLD: HiFiMan HM-801

    I have a HiFiMan HM-801 for sale.  I comes with a universal charger.  The pouch was cut by the previous owner so that the display on the unit is visible and the control on the side can be accessed.  Otherwise, the unit is in great shape and has the latest firmware loaded.  I am asking for SOLD...
  15. LeeSC

    SOLD: Bronze Pico Amp/DAC

    I am not too sure. I have it for about a year. If you are worry about the battery, it is still holding charge well. I have encounter dying battery before and tell quite easily.
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  17. LeeSC

    SOLD: RSA Predator

    Yes, I still have it and it is still up for sale.  
  18. LeeSC

    Emmeline SR71-B vs iBasso PB2

    PB2 has more power then SR71-B.  So far I have not really compare them, but PB2 seem brighter and SR71-B darker.  PB2 is very enjoyable.  These are initial impression.  I don't plan to review them.  I am trying to find a potable amp to power my HE6.  PB2 is doing a very nice job.  I have my...
  19. LeeSC

    SOLD: Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 Cable for HD800

    The main cable from mini XLR to headphone is 6 feet and mini XLR to terminators are 1 foot.   Bump.
  20. LeeSC

    SOLD: Silver RSA Protector

    Price drop.
  21. LeeSC

    First Impressions: Whiplash Audio WhipMOD and Elite TWag Reference WhipLOD Combo

    Quote: Have to agree WhipMOD is pretty close to HM-801.  I have not done serious comparison between the two, but have been trying to listen to some 24/96 flac file on HM-801 and converting them to WAV files and playing it on WhipMOD.  Dispite of the conversion, they do not sound bad at...
  22. LeeSC

    All NEW WhipMOD and WhipLOD; the next audiophile iPod 5.5 generation Modification!!

    Wow, I can't believe the details I am hearing from the strings in the orchestra with the reference WhipLOD and WhipMOD.
  23. LeeSC


    Jason bought my ALO Amphora.  He is a very nice person to work with.  He has requested me to ship the amp to a N. American address where his brother is while he live in Asia.  I must admit I was a little nervous but he did follow up with an email saying that the amp has arrived safely.  I would...