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  1. SactoMan101

    Klipsch R6i and Westone Adventure ADV Alpha?

    Since I'm looking for a good IEM's that work well with my 7G iPod nano, 4G iPod touch and iPhone 6, I have interest in the models mentioned in the subject title header.   Are they alternatives in the same price range that is better? And not require the need for a portable headphone amplifier?
  2. SactoMan101

    Portable headphone amp with iPhone/iPod inline controls on amp?

    While I am very interested in a portable amp for a headphone, I need to ask this question: does anyone make a portable amp with the in-line iPhone/iPod compatible inline controls on the amp box itself, one that can adjust the volume, start/stop and skip tracks on the Apple device itself?   If...
  3. SactoMan101

    Revenge by Being Louder (Great NY Times article)

    Ray Rivera New York Times website June 27, 2009 Read the full article here (may need user registration) Quote: My wife and I were on a crowded 1 train last year when a young red-headed woman turned to the woman seated next to her, who was playing her iPod way too loud. “Hey...
  4. SactoMan101

    Decent eartips for 3 Studio

    While the UE 3 Studio is potentially a really good IEM, I have one major gripe: it takes way too much fiddling around to get a decent fit in my ear even with the UE foam tips. I'm seriously considering getting a set of Comply Foam T-500 tips and see will that improve the fit in my...
  5. SactoMan101

    Good IEM for US$100 maximum for cousin.

    I have a first cousin who recently got a refurbished 5.5G iPod video 80 GB and wants to know what good in-ear monitor (IEM) he can get for at maximum US$100. He's narrowed it down to these choices: Etymotic Research ER-6i Shure SE110 Ultimate Ears 2 Ultimate Ears 3...