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    Questyle CMA Twelve

    I have a lot of experience with expensive DACs and have generally been a fan of ladder DACs in the past, which this is not but I've heard the CMA 12 in a few familiar setups and compares now and prefer it or at least like it as much as anything I've heard. That including all the Chord DACs, the...
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    2019 Andromeda, I think. Pre 2020 anyway. One owner, they've been sitting around for a while. Work perfectly with very little use. There's an adapter cable with, I think, 3.3 ohm inline resistors which tempers the bass to a more linear response. Check picks. Very clean and work perfectly. I...
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    Yin Yoo ST7 SOLD!

    For sale is the Yin Yoo cosmetics version of the device. Dynamic Woofer, 2 BAs and 2 EST drivers and very refined top end. Same device (drivers, crossover, impedance and filters/position) as EJ07. SOLD OBO shipped UPS to lower 48 USA only. Paypal only or possible trade for Moondrop s8. Not...
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    SOLD! JH13 Freqphase - universal-ish

    Clean pair of JH13FPs in perfect working order. I'm not the 1st owner and got them a while back intending to reshell since I think it's still the most correct JHA ever made. A touch extra low bass but an IEM the was close to the harmon curve before it was a thing. The only area where I think...
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    Questyle QP2R, mint, SOLD!

    Questyle QP2R. Small 'Focal edition' logo on side. Same specs and performance as any QP2r. Rose gold as pictured. Mint condition with very low hours. Bought this from someone (with stickers still on it) that purchased the Focal package but couldn't live without WiFi sources. Awesome unit but...
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    Etymotic ER4SR, like new + extra driver. Reduced. Sold!

    These are 1 wk old with less then 1 hr of ear time. I took a pic of the serial #s to show that they are that current. I had a pair of these for a long time and lost one driver. I went to Etymotic for a replacement driver and they said they would match the remaining driver (very early unit) on it...
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    No longer available.
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    Plussound Litz Hybrid CIEM cable. JH/Westone pins. As new.

    This is Plussound's latest type 6 litz cables in a separate pure silver conductor plus pure copper litz conductor Hybrid construction. Won't change color or oxidize, low resistance and has tremendous bandwidth. I've run these in for over 100 hrs and they have very little eartime, only at my...
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    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA $75 with shipping to USA. Time to move!

    Selling my RoCoo BA. 2nd hand. Works great. Cosmetics are good, not great but no physical damage. If you're familiar with RoCoo, you'll know that the cosmetic cover overlays do what you see in the top left corner pretty regularly. Usually appears early and stay as is. It's otherwise cosmetically...
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    Kogan MP4 (Ritmix) DAP shipping and fees included.

    I'm calling this the Kogan for recognition but this 4GB white version (has microSD slot) was sourced from the Chinese manufacturer as a sample. The menus and internal view is identical to Kogan. Cost me what I'm selling it for. I will include Paypal fees and shipping in the price so I'm actually...
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    Nocturnal Hybrid IEM and cable Tour.

    A Nocturnal IEM and cable tour has begun with shotgunshane as first member after myself to receive them.  Here's a list of members on the list to receive these so far: Shotgunshane Hiflight  Idiosynchro_24, Winter. After the 1st couple reviews, more US members can be added.   The...
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    Nocturnal Hybrid IEM, top quality design at a great price.

          Thought I'd give a heads up on some things I have on hand. I got these from Nocturnal Audio for evaluation a bit back but have been too busy to do much with them. The IEMs appear to be quite a value along with their really well priced cables. The copper cable here is the best pure...
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    Noble Audio IEM replacement cable.

    New Noble OEM cable I bought at the Noble booth at Axpona Chicago a couple days back. Listened to it for an hour or so. Nice full and even balance. 4 wire to the mini plug and heavier than others while still very flexible and quiet. Great cable but I'm not going to use it as I like my custom...
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    XBMC as player

    I just thought I'd give a heads up. Computer audio for main listening is not my thing though I need it as a tool. I do stream with dedicated components for normal listening. I'm used to Wavelab Pro via ASIO as a player. Always beat any config of foobar but not practical as a library player.  ...
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    HiSound Nova 3

    Like new. I got it for review and like it quite a bit but I prefer my HiSound Studio Anv 3. Still a button guy. Has very little use with plastic still on the face. Latest FW and it's had no issues. Read the reviews. Great, open, detailed sound with IEMs. CleiOS has compared it's performance to...
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    Stax Lambda Nova Signature 'LNS'. SRM-1/MK-2 Pro.

    I barely use these and thought I'd offer here before Ebay. They are in VG to excellent shape with rear foam, cable, headband and pads still in great shape. The ear side foam covering the metal screen is removable as it's a hair more transparent that way but can be placed back in the cup without...
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    RoCoo-P CHEAP!

    I had 2 of these and sold the clean one a while back when I got my Studio 3rd Aniversary. I just don't use it any more so I'm selling this one as well. It's a bit cosmetically challanged so that is reflected in the price. I initially kept it because it's a very good sonic example. It looks like...
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    Klipsch oval tips . Swap med for large.

    I've got some fresh Klipsch Med ovals. I can use them but onlt with a deep fit and would also like some larges for a shallower one. Anybody that would like to swap a pair or 2 of their clean Large ovals for some Medium, let me know.
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    Has Rockbox improved?

    I've tried Rockbox in my clip+ and fuze in the past and have generally preferred the sound of a specific factory FW. Not necessarily the latest. (I know many think it's all hardware and FW doessn't effect sound. If so this thread is not for you.) Last month I tried Rockbox again and do prefer...
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    Sansa clip+ 4gb refurb $24.98 shipped   I strongly recommend this firmware. 01.02.09   It's older and may be slightly more buggy at some peripheral tasks but I think it the best sounding overall and sonically preferred (by me) over rockbox unless you like to tinker the sound. If you need EQ or...
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    M6Ps $15 shipped