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  1. Tomcat

    The first Italian Head-Fi meet. Or: Just how big is an Angstrom?

    The answer is simple, of course: HUGE. While on vacation in Italy, I, together with my wife, visited Head-Fier Nik on Saturday. It was a pleasure meeting him, and it would have been a most entertaining evening even if we hadn’t compared headphones and amps. I guess it’s true for both of us...
  2. Tomcat

    Use music you don't particularly like for the initial evaluation

    The following has been posted by Peter Qvortrup at Audio Asylum in March. Qvortrup is the owner of Audio Note UK. I have found many of Qvortrup's unconventional ideas about what to look for in music reproduction and how to go about evaluating systems and components very helpful in the past. His...
  3. Tomcat

    Reviews in German audio mags: Stax SR-007 and Grado 125/Beyer 880 tops

    I have just glanced through the March issues of two German audio magazines. "Audio", Europe's largest audio magazine, had a comparative review of 12 headphones, some of them wireless ones. The test winners are the Beyerdynamic DT 880 and the Grado SR-125. The Beyer is said to a have a...
  4. Tomcat

    Improving the W100's fit

    A couple of months ago, JML posted a suggestion how to improve the fit of the W100. Since it involved bending the two circular tubes/metal springs connecting the W100’s enclosures, I have been very reluctant to try it. Well, I finally tried it now, and I would like to thank JML for this...
  5. Tomcat

    Has the rationale for SACD vanished?

    I just want to add some confusion by mentioning a thread from our learned colleagues over at the newsgroup,159&ic=1 Basically it is a discussion about this paper: "Why 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Conversion is Unsuitable for...
  6. Tomcat

    Is there hope for audiophiles?

    Hi all, the recent poll by Eagle driver about types of listeners kind of brought the topic up again, and I think jude was especially astonished that the attribute of "audiophile" is not favourably regarded by all of us. Having visited the "High End" exhibit near Frankfurt/Germany again this...