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  1. ogidigo

    [WTB] Abbys Diana V2 - NO LONGER WANTED

    Hey! I am looking for a pair of Diana V2. If you have them and want to do an easy sale, PM me :) Was looking on the archives and saw some sold between 1600 and 2500$.I would definately like to pay something on the lower end of this range.
  2. ogidigo

    [FOUND][WTB] Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen

    Hey guys, I am interested in buying a Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen. I've lost the opportunity of purchasing one for 500$ shipped last week, so that's what I am looking for. I'll cover PP fees. If you have one, send me some pics on PM :) I have a low number of messages here, but I've bought several...
  3. ogidigo

    FOUND WTB - Focal Elex

    Hey guys, I had one of these for a while and ended up selling them. Now I kind of regret it. Really enjoyed its signature and I really miss hearing it. I've bought my pair for 504$, so that's what I am hoping to pay again. Especially because since then my currency (I am from Brazil) devalued...