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  1. luiscomputech

    TRI earphone impressions - I4 and I3, Starlight, NEW Starsea

    risky? you could kill somebody with those shells. Those shells are extremely hard. I bet I could use car compound and polish them up again if I scratch them. On a side note I heard after I wrote up the review at that Tri is actually making these one by one and by hand and this is...
  2. luiscomputech

    Hifiman DEVA - Official Thread

    I've been looking out for these since news came out of China that they were gonna be released . Kudos to Hifiman . It's a great and unique idea to have an amp dongle separate from the headphones . My dailies at my desk are Sundaras and I really wonder how these 2 compare . Looking forward to...
  3. luiscomputech

    Hifiman TWS600 - First Impression

    If you have them try cut foams like I did , drop the mids from 1k to 4k about 5db and add some dsp bass . Don't use an eq on the bass because they simply don't like it . I did that and they're totally acceptable now . They have the same driver as the re600 which I also have . The problem is in...