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  1. baseonmars

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed (Dan Clark Audio)

    I'm parting ways with my MrSpeakers (now known as Dan Clark Audio) Aeon Flow Closed. I'm sure these need no introduction but if not - these are a planar magnetic over ear closed back headphone. These have been very well looked after and show no signs of wear on the cups, pads or headband...
  2. baseonmars

    [SOLD] Fostex TH610 (TH-610)

    Selling my pair of Fostex TH-610s. These were my first step into higher end head-fi and I'm sad to let them go but need to make room for some new gear. I've taken excellent care of them using a headphone stand when not in use and a padded carry case when moving between locations. Along with the...