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  1. San Raal

    WTB NOS Tung-Sol 12sc7 & 6SN7 RP

    Hi, I am interested in a similar pair of NOS or Test good Tungsol 12sc7 for my Mapletree U4SE, please send me a PM if you have some you are willing to sell on.   thanks
  2. San Raal

    Taking the plunge, Woo 5LE or RSA B52 ?

    Hi, I am after some advice and opinions - after careful consideration and some research on these boards about top end Valve headamps Ive shortlisted these two amps to replace my ageing yet musical Mapletree HD150SE tube amp. The mapletree has served me well at $750 new, however Ive since...
  3. San Raal

    Grado Grattle RS-1s and GS-1000

    Hi, A while back I posted regarding an odd buzzing coming from the right can of my RS-1 headphones. A very helpful head-fi member replied that Grado Grattle maybe the issue and by gently sucking at the affected ear peice one could remove the offending hair causing the problem. Well, the...
  4. San Raal

    Grado RS-1 Right channel fault

    Hello, I have a pair of RS-1 headphones that have developed a fault in the right channel. Normally I would simply send these back for repair - however this is the second time this fault has occured with this set of headphones. As I live in the UK usually the repair time is 8-12 weeks so I...
  5. San Raal

    Bringing RS-1's to life

    Hi, Im new to these forums, Ive been browsing as a guest for a few weeks and have enjoyed reading user comments here. Ive recently bought some RS-1 phones as an upgrade from SR-125's and have enjoyed them thus far - detailed alongside that lovley Grado sound. But they are missing...