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  1. vaper

    (New York) or (Chicago) Style Pizza,,,???

    deep dish. Lou Malnati's: the best of them all.
  2. vaper

    Wanted to let you know that the KSC35 are available for a limited time at Koss. .

    Jam: Thanks for the heads-up. The news caught me at a moment of weakness, so I ordered a pair. I feel better already.
  3. vaper

    PK2's now $79?

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance yeah yuins have had a price hike, anyone know why? probably due to the weakness of the US dollar.
  4. vaper

    Living with tinnitus in this wonderful hobby

    I recently saw a commercial for Lipo-Flavonoid and picked up some today. It's supposed to help eliminate or reduce ringing by increasing circulation in the inner ear. It is a 'dietary supplement' so such claims need not be proven medically. Has anyone here tried this?
  5. vaper

    Watch Recommendation

    you might want to look at Mondaine watches.
  6. vaper

    Driving one HP amp with the output of another?

    Maybe this gets filed under stupid questions, but maybe not... (I haven't tried/risked this, yet) What would happen if you took the output from whatever source, ran it into an amp and took the amp's output signal, and instead of driving a pair of headphones, ran it into a second amp who's...
  7. vaper

    Yuin PK1 & Tomahawk vs other portables

    any opinions on how well a mini^fied pint would work with pk1?
  8. vaper


    Dylan purchased my Grado sr-80. Great communications, no nonsense, fast payment too. Highly recommended.
  9. vaper

    What would be a true upgrade from Grado SR-80?

    x2 Alessandro MS2i
  10. vaper


    Quote: Originally Posted by Todd R Anything prior to Abacab was great. After that forget it, Phil turned it into a cheesy pop band. Trick of the Tail was my 1st and made me a fan. x2
  11. vaper

    The Absolute Best-Value under $20, better than KSC75!

    at that price I'll take a chance. 18 pairs left.
  12. vaper

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Doctor Diamond: King Crimson, Great Deceiver (Disc 3)
  13. vaper


    servoled bought my rega planar 3 turntable. great communications, extremely fast payment. highly recommended
  14. vaper

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Box of Rain: Grateful Dead, American Beauty
  15. vaper

    TEAC's New Bone Conducting Headphones?

    Anyone feel like dropping $440 to try these out?
  16. vaper

    WTB: Turntable

    I've got a Rega Planar 3 turntable that I haven't been using for some time. I see them for sale on ebay for over $300. If you're in the CONUS I'd be willing to sell it for $300 plus shipping. I'd prefer paypal. If you're interested I can take some photos later today and email them to you. I do...
  17. vaper


    Great communications, no nonsense, prompt payment, an overall pleasure to deal with.
  18. vaper

    Sweet deal on some Alessandro

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander Heck, if anyone wants black grilles on their MS-2(i)s, a black marker should do the trick. That's a real bargain IMO. yeah, and maybe if F107plus5 could get his hands on some wood grain patterned contact paper, he could have his...
  19. vaper

    FS: AKG K501s