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  1. Audio-Me

    E-Mail programs

    I love Opera's browser, but the email sucks. What are some good open source programs that are really small and minimalistic?
  2. Audio-Me

    Mozart: The Works for Flute 2 disc $12 shipped to US, canada add $2. I accept Paypal only. CD is in near mint condition, I've listened to it maybe twice.
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    Archiving format: RAR

    Why does it take so friggin long to compress at max compression? My new laptop is blazing fast, so why does it still take forever?
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    Favorite Jazz Musician

    You can only name one. Out of all my favorites, Sonny Clark holds highest regard for me. His consistancy in swing just astonishes me. I love how relaxed and free flowing he is, when he performs, he walks circles around a melody, unravels then puts it back together, endless fun and enjoyment...
  5. Audio-Me

    Trade: my Beyer250-80 for Grado SR225

    Bought from HeadRoom, still have original box, good condition.
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    CDs girls left at my place that I don't want

    R&B music Steve Harvey: Sign Of Things To Come Boys II Men: Full Circle Craig David: Born To Do It Destiny's Child: Survivor J-Lo: J To Tha L-O! The Remixes This I bought but don't like it Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head All of it for $30 shipped to united states using USPS...
  7. Audio-Me

    amp for big party speakers I purchased my dad a pair of KLH Rave-12 speakers because he loves karaoke and loves to turn the volume up when his friends visit. These sound like something you would hear at a club where their sound system is known to be good by the regulars. They were too...
  8. Audio-Me

    ATM machine ate my card!

    I was at Fleet bank and went inside to use the atm machine with my Visa Check Card, I've used this machine many times before. It works fine upto the screen where they ask me if I want to continue with the transaction even though they'll charge me $1.50 because it's not a Fleet account, so I hit...
  9. Audio-Me


    Priority Overnight rules, I ordered another xbox, bunch of games, three more regular controllers (The small ones suck, they're more like playstation ones), and a system link cable from yesterday, and it got here by 10am! The fee was only $10, that is the bomb!
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    Antwone Fisher

    Could you prior service members give your opinion on this movie? I haven't seen it yet and am curious to know if you all think it's worth watching.
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    jacked up audio

    coloration I've observed that lots of different audio equipment escalates information of specific parts or the entire spectrum putting everything on a single plane. This further deviates from natural, some people think of it as an enhancement, I view it as a deliberate alteration which I find...
  12. Audio-Me

    borbely preamp

    Has anyone ever thought of making a headamp out of this? You could use Welbourne PS-1 jung super regulated power supply for it ($150).
  13. Audio-Me

    Elna Cerafines

    Does anyone know of a source to get 4700uf 50V cerafines?
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    BC people: Vancouver & Victoria

    I might be up there Sunday night and the following Holiday with a friend. Do you know of any good bars to go to? Not many people, quiet, good liquor and beer, attractive female bar tenders is preferred. Oh and what are the least expensive places to stay? Feel free to suggest cool places to...
  15. Audio-Me

    WTB: HeadRoom Airbag

    $50 is a rip off.
  16. Audio-Me

    high quality resistors

    which resistors offer the highest possible resolution for non signal-path use in a preamp? I've seen Vishay S102 mentioned a bunch of times on audioasylum.
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    Western novels

    Please suggest some of your favorites. I really like Louis L'Amour and Elmore Leonard. The two books I enjoyed a lot were The Daybreakers (The Sacketts), and Gunsights. Where the Long Grass Grows and Radigan were excellent as well. I can't get enough of this stuff! I'm losing sleep cause I can't...
  18. Audio-Me

    all you hunters out there, firearms

    Are gun shows a good place to start? I've seen some good prices at some. I'm interested in the Weatherby Mark V and Winchester Model 70, but not sure on the caliber, .270 or .300? Mostly for deer hunting, but I like to blow away pesky rodents every once in a while. Oh and any scope...
  19. Audio-Me

    irc help

    I found a computer here at NAS Whidbey Island, WA with mIRC installed. However, I can't seem to connect. I've tried every freaking EFNet server there is, but I always get the same error message "unable to resolve server". Any IRC gurus out there? I don't think there's a firewall on this network...
  20. Audio-Me

    live acoustic music...

    as I sit here in the base library/computer lab, the Navy Brass Band is christmas caroling (jazzed up xmas music). This all of a sudden raised my mood from "whatever" to "feelin' good". Gosh do I love live music! I can listen to practically any live acoustic music, even country. (have danced to...
  21. Audio-Me

    low cost stereo receivers

    I'm looking for a good integrated stereo amp to drive PSB Alpha Minis. It's for my brother, and he just LOVES bass, just wants massive volumes of it. Are there any $125 or less amps that can give him that without distorted sound? He wants to use a 10" DCM subwoofer with it as well. If I...
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    hey you freaks!

    Well, finished with the *(word edited, refer to arrow › ) 9 and a half weeks of the so called "basic training" that the US Navy puts you through, and am now riding along the shores of Pensacola, FL. My advanced training hasn't begun yet, but should shortly. It's cool here, except for stupid ****...
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    Maxed out META42

    What's the most all out configuration that you could make without tripping into dual mono looniness? (cost isn't an issue) META42 with the final board: opamp - AD8610 buffers - dual stacked EL2001 virtual ground driver - EL2001 power caps - Elna Cerafine 4 × 25V 220uf (Can you not use...
  24. Audio-Me

    Bolder mini-mini cable

    $60 shipped USPS Priority Mail It's 3" using Belden 89259 wire with copper braid shielding, terminated with Canare F-12 stereo 3.5mm mini plugs. Selling because I have a new travel amp that has RCA inputs.
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    I commisioned him for a custom DIY amp (META42). He was very easy to work with, totally compliant to my questions and preferences responding quickly and thoroughly. I am 100% satisfied with his excellent work and outstanding service. I'll be doing business with him again shortly, and highly...