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  1. torpy

    Upgraditis, sigh. (from im716s)

    So I have a pair of stock im716s (from last year's $40 deal) which just bailed out on me, i.e. no sound at all from the phones. I'm about 95% sure it's the jack, going to replace that the minute I get some free time. However, after coming back here and seeing all the recent...
  2. torpy

    Anyone used EX71s and Shures?

    If so could you just tell me what size tips you used on the EX71s and the size you use(d) on your Shures? I'm thinking of getting a few Shure black olives for my upcoming im716s but have no idea of size to get. The only comparison I have to go by is that I used small sleeves on my EX71..
  3. torpy

    JVC (fx33 + Shure e2 foamies) or fx66?

    Well, I recently got a KSC75 (it's like a rite of passage here in the head-fi world ) to replace my ATH-EQ88s, currently pink noise burning them. Had a few quick sneaks of the sound and they're are STUNNING, love the sound signature and the airy feel (first pair of open cans). Anywho, onto...