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  1. soundtemple

    Eddie Current Super 7

    Very good photos!
  2. soundtemple

    Grado and Pass Zen DIY amp by Marcello Pellerano

    I should have added that the Zen makes the GS1000 sound equivalent to my Hd800 with a bit more bass and high end treble. For the first time since getting the Hd800 I am happy with the Gs100. I am thinking about selling the Hd800 now the GS sounds so close!
  3. soundtemple

    Grado and Pass Zen DIY amp by Marcello Pellerano

    In my opinion the Zen is a great choice for the GS1000. I have balanced GS 1000. The GS is difficult to power. The zen is the best I have found. I purchased a 5w Pass Zen off ebay for about $33 and assembled it. Needed to add transformer, box and connectors. I use a 33v DC printer psu and an old...
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    Best HeadPhones To Go Balanced

    Balanced v SE is a dilemma. I have balanced Alessandro MS1, Hifiman HE500, fostex Rp40 modded. I found a slight improvement soundstage, articulation and separation. But in my opinion it did not justify the cost as my mood probably made more difference. I prefer my Mapletree tube amp(SE) to...
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    $500 Amp Search... Audiotailor Jade, Darkvoice 337, La Figaro 332C -OR SOLID STATE????

    You should consider the Mapletree Ear amps. Euphoric with Grado, Hifiman HE500 and hd600. It is worthy king up a second hand example. Any model, as the house sound goes across all models. I do not know why it sounds so good.i should add a qualification thAt I am not convinced it is excellent...
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    MAD Ear+ (Mapletree Audio Design)

    Every owner of Grado sr60 to rs1 should own a Mapletree - it is a euphoric match made in ...
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    Considering the STAX SRS2170 basic system... how it compares to dynamic headphones flagships or ex-flagships like HD-650/800, T1, LCD2/3 and Hifiman?

    http:// It is best to listen for yourself and make up your own mind. It will depend on the music you listen to. The headphones you own matched with a Bryston BHA would be hard to beat. I own a pair of STAX 307 with a SRM1 mk2. In my opinion it beats a Grado GS1000 through a Violectric v181 for...
  8. soundtemple

    Alessandro MS-Pro (less than 3 months old) (price drop)

    I am interested but the price is too high. I can get a new pair from Alessandro for less. The going rate is about 70-80%of new price. Ie $500 to $600. Interested?
  9. soundtemple

    Differences between Grado models

    The differences between the models is very dependent on the source and amplification. For example out of an iPod or iPad the lower models 60, 80, MS1 sound fantastic. The 325, Rs2 and Gs1000 sound more detailed but washed out, flat and therefore less interesting. Jump to an iPod to Cmoy amp...
  10. soundtemple

    Last Price Drop... Mapletree Ear Purist HD150, ALO custom ipod dock to RCA, Various tubes

    These are stunning little amps with unbeatable synergy with Grado SR, RS and Hifiman He-500.
  11. soundtemple

    Grado GS-1000 + ?

    I think that is very true of the GS1000, and all Grado. I would recommend a Mapletree Ear, any model. If you are willing to convert the cable to balanced I have found the results even better. I run my balanced GS1000 through a balanced Cmoy based amp driver by 4 opa627 opamps or out of the...
  12. soundtemple

    Mapletree HD150 impressions/mini review

    Thanks Voodoochile, That was a great review. On the strength of it I purchased a 150. I love the sweetness.i find it fantastic with my HE-500s. The amp gives body and soul to the music.
  13. soundtemple

    Hifiman HE-500 amp under $600?

    The Audio GD SA-31 certainly has a lot of power. It is solid state. However reviewing the opinions before mine the consensus leans towards a preference of amps with tubes. I purchased a HE500 recently. I am still going through the try out phase. In my opinion an amp to consider is the Shanling...