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  1. Zhdude

    Looking for new IEMs (~$80)

    Klipsch S4. Haven't heard one thing bad about them.
  2. Zhdude

    Studio Monitors self powered? Please help on decision.

    My source is computers, and an ipod for parties. These speakers will have many purposes so I wouldn't mind them being small. I am starting a new venture, so having a tight budget goes hand and hand. I just want decent quality, something that'll beat my igroove with sound and volume would be...
  3. Zhdude

    Bad customer service. Issue resolved now.

    dont go for the shures , you should go for earphones that can have a replaceable cable, like triple fi etc... I have the Custom 3's too, and may need to ship them in for my first time for the cable too. But sound is great.
  4. Zhdude

    Cheap (<$60) IEMs for the gym, jogging, etc.

    Don't have any experience, want to buy a pair for swimming, but what about H20 Audio earphones? They are waterproof, which you need because you sweat while you run last time I checked.
  5. Zhdude

    Klipsch Custom 3 Review

    So because some earphones are older then others we should let them slide for their odd MSRP? Mark- You are a consumer but I don't think your ignorant. All consumers look at price, and say oh thats expensive, must mean that its good. Thats what Shure counts on. Thats also what Bose does...
  6. Zhdude

    My Shure SCL4s Finally Arrived...

    That depends do you consider Mercedes to be better then Lexus? You should have used like BMW rather then Mercedes so no one gets confused. You get a good seal with the Shure though? Sony has decent sound quality for the price though.
  7. Zhdude

    Klipsch Custom 3 Review

    I dont care about the street price. Why? Because I'm a true New Yorker, you go buy a Sony LCD for 2 grand, I can go to the street and get a brand new one for 800 the most. So what does street price mean? It means that the first time it was released the company was ripping you off, and Shure is...
  8. Zhdude

    se530 cable split - again

    You can now start getting the or Senn IE8 or Westone for the detachable cables, or sleek sa6
  9. Zhdude

    Recommend IEM for Classical?

    I'd get a new pair of ety's for classical, nothing is better in that price range. If you would spend twice as much, Sleek SA6 because it has so many adjustments.
  10. Zhdude

    Deciding on a few earphones in the $50-$70 range based on my preferences

    I'd go for head direct, haven't heard any thing other then the Senn's on your list, but heard good things about head direct. Or check out Klipsch Custom 1's, you might get around 70, or Shure Scl2.
  11. Zhdude

    Are the "big 4" that much better than the ER-4P/S?

    NO!!! The big four aren't anything special really. They are just the flagships of the brands. There are still many IEM's that will sound better then them. The ER4 still beats them in a very important way. The ER4 beats them with monitor quality. I know people that need the ER4 even though...
  12. Zhdude

    Bad customer service. Issue resolved now.

    Yeah go for the Shure SE530 next, I'll go for Westone 3's next for a true triple armature, and a great cable. But I won't if Klipsch is smart and comes out with a better cable, I would stick with them even if they don't come out with a triple.
  13. Zhdude

    "How to" - Best custom tips for IEMs ever. IMHO. with pics

    Do these fall of easily though? you know how many IEM's have that little niche in the tip area, to lock the tip into place.
  14. Zhdude

    Could someone who has heard the S-jays please review them?

    you might want to check out future sonics atrio m5. They don't look like much, but read some reviews that gave the impression you want.
  15. Zhdude

    D-JAYS, S-JAYS and shure se210?

    I think your interested in the Klipsch image X10, without even knowing.
  16. Zhdude

    Klipsch X10 at Amazon

    So what is this for?
  17. Zhdude

    Need new IEMs around $200

    X2 to anything Klipsch X2 to Sleek sa6 X2 to Senn IE7 its all about fit really.
  18. Zhdude

    IE6 vs IE7

    I'd go for Senn IE's before . The senn IE7 isn't in the same league. Go for over But trust your instincts. You'll like the Senn Ie's because you like the Senn sound signature. I love klipsch sound signatures, so I should have known before ordering the Custom 3 I...
  19. Zhdude

    Help! If you had £70?

    custom 2 then go to shure se310. I'm very fond of the ety's too. Not giving walkingman my Klipsch Gel tips, they are gold. Sorry.
  20. Zhdude

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Me too to the Klipsch C3. Loving them.
  21. Zhdude

    From ER-4P to SE530 PTH ... hmm, still lost

    The Shures are not at all like the ety's. You moved from balance, to a phone with two drivers designed as a sub and one for a tweeter. You should try the foamies, the medium size fits a lot of people. My friend on his SE310 is using my klipsch medium one flange tips.
  22. Zhdude

    ipod speaker system through a portable amp question?!

    Oh man, are you seriously contemplating this... Just get the Klipsch system and love it.
  23. Zhdude

    Only For Klipsch IEM owners to Vote

    I'm just saying, they should make these headphones with detachable cables at least. The Image's are of course hard to do so because of size, but custom series should have detachable cables, lets hope some klipsch employees are reading this.