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  1. EsthetiX

    FS: Grado RS-1i Headphones $399.99!

    Lightly used they are current 2009 i style. Sorry I dont have pics. My camera is being lent to family. Need to make quick money for bills. First come first serve!
  2. EsthetiX

    my px100 went out on the left side..

    How can I fix them?
  3. EsthetiX

    FS: Special edition mylarone X3i and Xbi RUBY! ALL SOLD

    NEW - Asking $52 each shipped CONUS. Why do the long wait from Singapore when I can have them in no time to your door! The sound signatures are the same as far as I know but they just look WAAY cooler than the other X3i/Xbi models. They don't come with the rubber cable wrap thing but...
  4. EsthetiX

    FS: 30gb Black ZUNE (All original packaging)

    This thing has been VERY well taken care of. I'm extremely careful/gentle with all my stuff. PM me if interested.
  5. EsthetiX

    BEST HEADPHONES for business...?

    I work for a neurofeedback therapy center. We have patients that come in and listen to music or watch movies while hooked up to our equipment. We also travel a lot and do conferences. We need headphones that are very good at isolating sound and comfortable for clients/patients. Isolation is...
  6. EsthetiX

    WTB: Broken IEM's (atrio or similar quality)

    Or quality headphones. Let me know if you have anything that is damaged.
  7. EsthetiX

    ZUNE: Workaround to shuffle my music and NOT play my audiobooks?

    I have hundreds of audiobook tracks on my zune and thousands of songs. A lot of times I like to just put it on shuffle when I want to hear music. This sucks though because 30% of the time it chooses an audiobook file when I don't want audiobooks. Anyone have a workaround? what a dumb...
  8. EsthetiX

    Calling all experts! Bad for my ZUNE to use a USB car outlet thing to power it?

    Someone told me that it charges faster but as a result it harms the battery. I wasnt sure if this is true or not. It's one of those cigarette car outlet plugin things and it allows you to plug USB devices in to power them.
  9. EsthetiX


    Review: Would those of you who have have had the opportunity to listen to or own a sansa clip say that this statement from the review is accurate? "SanDisk touts in the press release that the Clip is “…one of the best sounding MP3...
  10. EsthetiX

    WTB: Sansa Clip 2gb version in black

    PM me if you have this.
  11. EsthetiX

    WTB: Denon D1000

    PM me if you have these
  12. EsthetiX

    Ipod nano 3g Vs Sansa Clip (for running purposes)

    I heard the Sansa Clip is SUPER AMAZING in terms of sound quality. Ultimately, that's all I really care about. I don't know anything about the new ipod nanos (I'm a huge iPod hater) but would be willing to give this one a try. Anyway, I need the best mp3 player for running.
  13. EsthetiX

    WTB: DT 770 Pro 80

    PM if you have these.
  14. EsthetiX

    Haven't visited in a few months... Rp-21 and D1000 were big. Whats new now?

    Are those still the top un-amped headphones in their price range?
  15. EsthetiX

    BeyerDynamic DT 990 05 250ohm headphones ($0LD!)

    Immaculate and with original box and leather zip case! Bid starts at $1!
  16. EsthetiX

    Need help finding digital camera forum...

    I need a serious forum for digital cameras. Kinda like how head-fi is serious about sound. Not some cheesy c-net review forum. Serious photographers. I need help deciding between a new compact digital and SLR.
  17. EsthetiX

    Why do you need a portable amp? I just don't get it.

    Portable amps seem to be overly popular here. Is it really that important to have maybe a 10% sound quality gain (if even that) while on the go? I can understand a dedicated amp for at home use but usually while on the go that tiny extra bit of sound quality isn't my main concern. Also, why...
  18. EsthetiX

    Is right now a good time to buy meizu m6?

    My very last question b4 I go through with the purchase. I dont want to buy it and then 2 weeks later an m7 is out...... or the price drops 50 bucks or something. Whoops wrong spot to put this. My bad. Mods.. can you help me move to a better location?
  19. EsthetiX

    Iphone... Will it blend? lol
  20. EsthetiX

    FS: Equation Audio RP-21 new in box ALL SOLD

    These have never been opened. Asking $95.00 FIRM! (no tax, no shipping) PM if interested.
  21. EsthetiX

    Meizu m6 owners, PLEASE post pictures. I'm trying to decide what color blk or wht?

    I think I'm set on getting a meizu to compliment my zune. My zune is black so I thought white would be nice for a change. The issue is I cant find any decent pictures. All the ones online are those crappy inaccurate photoshops! If you have any hi res images to put up I would reaaaaaaallly...
  22. EsthetiX

    Easy to repair dt 770?

    I was reading some forum where people were complaining about dt 770 making some kind of resonance/rattle noise. i was just wondering what may cause this and how one would go about repairing it?
  23. EsthetiX

    WTB: Meizu M6

    4gb OR 8. PM me!
  24. EsthetiX

    What are some of the biggest scams you've seen in portable audio products?

    I thought this could be a fun one... I will start with iPhone. LOL no IM JK jk.. No wars please
  25. EsthetiX

    Cheap headphones that look really expensive! Post pics/name em...

    By cheap I mean under or around 100 but if they're 200 and look like they'd be worth way more than anything else in their range then that's acceptable... Okay, GO!