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    Pair Sylvania Gold Brand 5814a / 12au7 NOS NIB

    ** price drop These military grade 12au7 tubes are the rare Sylvania Gold Brand - which is their highest quality tube designation. These are from the private collection of an original owner and have clearly never been used. Quality is literally as new (as can been seen in the pictures). The...
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    TWCu LOD - compatible with all current iphones and ipods

    Excellent quality LOD built with Whiplash Audio TWCu, Quables LOD connector, and gold plated brass mini plug
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    AKG K317 $24.99

    $24.99 at amazon with free shipping if you add another few cents to your cart:   Really great price considering the retail is $89.99.  Hope some people can get in on this...
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    Precision Shunt Regulator for Virtual Ground

    Any idea why we don't see (buffered) precision shunt regulators being used to create virtual grounds?
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    Ultrasone Pro 900 *Canada

    SOLD   Purchased 1 year ago from Whiplash Audio in New York. Selling for $340 CAD shipped in Canada.  $10 more to ship to the USA.   Pro900
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    100 ohm cable

    1/4" male to 3.5mm female cable with 100 ohm vishay 1% metal film resistors on each channel, litz braid SPC wire. I used this to remove hissing from my Shure se530s when plugged into my desktop amplifier. I have since built an amp specifically for the Shures and so this cable is no longer of...
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    Re-Tapping A Hammond 1455 Case

    I'm considering tapping a hammond 1455 case for 6-32 screws. However, the case currently has the self-tapping screws installed. Has anyone tried tapping for 6-32 after installing the self-tapping screws? Thanks.
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    SOLD Grado RS1i *7 Months warranty remaining

    Sold to me that is. I have decided not to sell these at this time. They're just too good These Grado RS1i were purchased from authorized Grado retailer and Head-Fi Sponsor Whiplash Audio and still have 7 months of warranty remaining. They are in like new condition with about 40 hours of use...
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    *SOLD* FS Grado GS1000i - 8 months warranty

    SOLD These were purchased 4 months ago (March 5,2009) from Whiplash Audio (authorized Grado distributor and Head-fi sponsor). The receipt, original box and all cables are included. These are the new GS-1000i. $720 USD For an extra $30 I will include a brand new set of gs-1000 pads...
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    Mitchell is very friendly and easy to deal with. Enjoy your ms1000s!
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    The MS1000 Review

    The MS1000 vs the K701 – this sonata’s only for one Beethoven’s Sonata for Piano No. 31 in A-flat major op. 110 This was never going to be a fair fight. I haven’t heard a headphone that renders a good piano recording so effortlessly and precisely as the AKG K701. On the other hand...
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    **SOLD** ms1000 almost new

    SOLD I have just purchased brand new ms1s, gs-1000 pads, and distancers to make a ms1000. I haven't put it together yet, but I am using the same parts seen here: I have been involved in building these distancers for a while now and...
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    PPA Instability

    A well worn topic here that never seems to go away. It is the hissing that results from using low impedance high sensitivity phones with the PPAv2. It is not a gain issue. I tried a gain of 2 which actually increased the hiss over a gain of 11 using grado gs-1000s. To me this indicates that...
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    Audio_Technica Pricing

    It seems that AT is using a pretty extreme scaling factor for their retail prices. It appears to be about 0.38. Apply this to the retail price of the ad700 and you get the actual selling price of $95. Similarly apply this to the retail price of the w5000 ($1700!) and you get Headroom's actual...
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    Is there something wrong with this picture?

    If you think the case should not be grounded this way (ie to the transformer bolt) please be specific as to why this is a problem in this build.
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    Missing the 325s already

    I finally decided to sell my Grado sr-325s. I know there's been a lot of controversy over these phones, but I've always felt that with a good tube amp and source these sound amazing. The payment for these has come through and I'm missing them already. I want to hold on to them, but I'm telling...
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    TKD 2CP-2511 datasheet

    Well technically a DIY dimensional photo. I wasn't able to find a datasheet before I bought this, and now I thought it will be handy for other people to be able to see the exact dimensions and decide if it can work for their project. There may be an actual datasheet out there - I didn't look...
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    Mouser Boutique Nichicon

    Just noticed that Mouser is selling a lot of Nichicon "boutique" caps. They have KZ, FW, KW, HN, etc. Maybe I'm the last one to the party here, but I wanted to let people know if they're not aware. The HN looks very nice for low voltage applications.
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    USB Powered Pimeta

    I'm planning to build a pimeta with tread that can be optionally powered by usb. When wall powered it will have 24V ac coming in to the tread. I will be using lmh6321 buffers and ad8610/20 op-amps. It seems I could bypass the tread and power the pimeta directly with usb as both the lmh6321...
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    **SOLD** HeadRoom Total BitHead

    *SOLD* $110 CND shipped in Canada. $95 USD shipped to the States This amp/dac was purchased from HeadRoom in March of this year. It is in excellent condition. More information on the Total Bithead can be found at HeadRoom: HeadRoom Total BitHead @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears
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    Does the Alps Blue cut it?

    It seems to have a reputation for being just about as good as it gets, but I'm really starting to wonder. What brought me to this wondering is that I have two identical "maxed" PPAs in my possession right now, except that one has an ebay stepped attenuator with solid silver wire and one has a...
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