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  1. Aevum

    Question about true wireless headphones

    The idea is when you use a dap or any sound source that uses digital format files you have a chain of events. File, Decoder, DAC, Amp, Head/earphones. But with True wireless headphones theres some confusion, or maybe im just dumb. You have the reproduction device which has the file and the...
  2. Aevum

    Cowon Iaudio Hifi

    Has anyone seen this ? It seems like a Reworked...
  3. Aevum

    [Discussion IEM´s] How do the old/classic flagships compare to today champions ?

    I was wondering since i picked up a pair of UE900S for cheap Theres the "classic" flagships, - Shure SE535 - Westone W3 and W4 - Ultimate ears TripleFi.10 and UE900 - Earsonics SM3/SM64 - Etymotic ER4 They have always been priced in the 250 to 400 dollar range but now we are seeing many...
  4. Aevum

    IEM around 300 €, Looking for something that was lost

    ---- Skip this part if you dont want sentimental garbage ---- The story starts like this... I started with a pair of chinese iems that were recommended to me, and suddently the music coming out of my Sony HD5 came a bit to life (consider this was 2005), and i wanted more and started to go up...
  5. Aevum

    [Discussion] Hybrid vs pure Armature vs pure Dynamic regarding IEM´s

    Well... Theres a lot of options today on the market, and lately in the IEM market hybrids have been the most popular choice. Now i dont know if its becuase they produce a better sound, or the signature is just better but you still have people on each side of the argument. You have the pure...
  6. Aevum

    [EU][Spain] Philips Fidelio S2 and Vsonic VSD5 (V1)

    First of all, thank you for looking at my advert   I have two items for sale.   First of all are a pair of Philips Fidelio S2 IEM´s, In light/baby blue, These were my daily drivers for close to a year and they are truly amazing with exception for the isolation, condition is 9/10 on a sonic...
  7. Aevum

    Logitech Ultimate ears UE 900

    For sale :   Near mint UE 900 bought in december, They include everything that came with them (including those little plastic tubes to protect the jack connector)   Price new is around 300-350 euros, im selling mine for 200€, This is with basic spanish mail with tracking, if you wish for...
  8. Aevum

    My IE 8 broke. norrowed it down to 2 contenders.

    My IE8 broke after 3 years of loyal service (stem broken, cant superglue it on).   Im currently looking at 2 top tier universals. the Audeo PFE232 and the EarSonics SM3v2.   The PFE232 costs me 500 euros delivered but comes with a free PFE022 which i can sell to take part of the cost...
  9. Aevum

    Whats with all the fake 4 on ebay ?

    i was looking for some Ultimate ears sized tips for my IEM´s and i found tons of 4´s in both normal and Vi versions for suspiciosly low prices, talking about 20-25 dollars with free shipping, but then you see the source, its mostly hong kong or china, and you know, all fake, but...
  10. Aevum

    Kenwood MG-F500 - Anyone tested it ?

    Well, theres a new kenwood media keg on the block, i still have my old 20GB one, and i hate it, MTP only or kenwood propietary software, mp3/wma/wav only support, around 20h battery life, and it hisses like a cat in heat, the new one is flash only, comes in 4gb, 8gb and 16gb flavours...
  11. Aevum

    Firewire Interface question

    i was thinking about picking up a self powered firewire interface to replace my current Hot Audio straight DAC, i have a set of KRK Rokit 5 G2 monitors and the hot audio is quite basic plus it lacks hardware volume contols and advance features aswell as a headphone out and mic in, i was...
  12. Aevum

    Advice for all Head-fi members

    Least i can do is usualy dumb, but once in a while, they have a briliant comic, Least I Could Do: the Webcomic » Comic Archive
  13. Aevum

    itouch as a portable gaming machine ?

    i was reading engadget today, and it seems that that according to sources in EA, the iphone is more powerfull then a DS, and according to SEGA, its almost as powerful as a dreamcast, and since the itouch is basicly the iphone without the GSM/UMTS radio module (correct me if im wrong), i was...
  14. Aevum

    whats with all the new UE models

    I've been going over some UE price lists, since i want to get some TF10pro' s, i started noticing that there were several new models, the 100, 150 and 200, with their respective iphone ready vi versions, anyone checked these out ? they might be a decent low grade dynamic headphone,
  15. Aevum

    whats with the shure SCL5/E5 ?

    i´ve been seeing the SCL5/E5 around and its usualy the same price or even higher then the SE530, anything special about it ? how does it compare to the UM2, the SE530 and the TF.10 pro ?
  16. Aevum

    any quality ipod Clip on docks ?

    i´ve seen some cheap belkin clip on docks for the ipod, that basicly give you a line out and a miniUSB or USB-B connector, saves you having to buy multiple cables or carry a ipod cable with you, aswell as giving a line out for an amp, the problem is that their all cheap and plasticy, any...
  17. Aevum

    ipod mod, can this be done ?

    if i grabbed a 80gb ipod classic today, is there a modification where i can solder inside a miniusb port to bypass the ipod propietary connector ? and hows the rockbox status going on 6th gen ? if i could use a normal usb cable and have drag and drop capcity for the music, i would buy an...
  18. Aevum

    is the ipod the only GOOD alarm clock solution ?

    i´ve been looking around to change my cheap sanyo alarm clock with something which will give me less of a rude awakning, something with DAP support but that isnt cheap and tacky, and in the quality audio dept, all i can find is ipod docks with built in alarm clocks, and i really really hate...
  19. Aevum

    Vendor : JPNZ

    item bought : Kenwood 20GB Media Keg Item matches description : Yes, perfectly, Item Delivery : Item arrived as fast as possible with mail type used, items were protected individualy with foam wrapping, Item condition : hard to belive its 18 months old, except missinng original box, player...
  20. Aevum

    harddrive upgrade for a kenwood

    hey, i was just wondering if it was possible to open up a 20gb or 30gb kenwood player and plug in a 60gb or 80gb drive, i use to have a sony NW-HD5 and we did leocate the correct drive from toshiba to replace is, so we more or less have an idea about replacing 1.8" drives, the problem is...
  21. Aevum

    is a NW-HD5 worth amping ?

    i have a 2 year old NW-HD5, its a nice player, the headphone out can be configured as line out, i was wondering if it was worth setting up a microamp with it ? i do plan on getting a paid a decent canalphones, q-jays or 5 pro´s
  22. Aevum

    which do i keep ? D2 VS NW-HD5

    hello i recently (3-4 month ago) replaced my NW-HD5 with a Cowon D2, my brother came for a visit a few days ago and showed interest in my old sony, the thing is that i connected my MX3 headphones to the sony and it sounded great, i started comparing them both, and the sony has a overall...
  23. Aevum

    Wondering about my previous player

    i recently bought a Cowon D2 to retire my aging Sony NW-HD5, the casing did have some bumps, and it was showing its age a bit with some noise and hanging once in a while, plus the lack of EQ for MP3 and having atrac as only "high quality" format made it a bit troublesome to use, now, a...
  24. Aevum

    AKG IP1 IEM´s, anyone had expiriance with them ? saw these around, and i wondering about them, they look like costum mold, but im not sure,
  25. Aevum

    another MD33/CX300/EP630 rebadge, AKG FTW

    hello just saw these,EN.html AKG K324 P headphones, they look familiar, dont they ? saw them in a shop today, the guy was trying to sell them to me after he saw my CX300' s saying those were better... checked the headphone, checked the...