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    Musical Extremes

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about the music I listen to, and it got me thinking about musical tastes in general. Lots of people on this forum have an extremely varied and wide range of music they listen to. Thus my question:   If you had to pick just two songs, what are your musical...
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    Help me find a DAP ~$300

    So I purchased a Fiio x5ii from amazon and received it 7 days ago, and already it has broken on me. I don't blame Fiio, as these things happen sometimes, but I now have the chance to really take another look at all of the DAPs in the price range. I have a few requirements:   1) Speedy and...
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    Balanced armature vs dual balanced armature

    So, not sure if this is a question for the sound science subforum, but what is the difference between dual balanced armature drivers and individual balanced armature drivers? Are dual balanced armature drivers the same as two, single balanced armature drivers, or is there a distinct difference?
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    Apple announcement thread

    The iPhone 7 unveiling is today! This is the thread to talk about all of the things apple will release today. So far I've heard the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, and a new pair of beats wireless headphones are being released and I'm excited to see what happens with all of them! Feel free to post your...
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    The mobile version is having issues.

    I always use the mobile version of the forum and it is having a lot of issues today. I'm having trouble pulling up threads and posting. I keep getting an error message (and sadly not reading it out of dumbness). Anyone else having the problem?
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    Vinyl vs CD

    So while searching in an antique mall I came across several old records. Looking through them I saw not much of interest, until I came across a compilation of Christmas songs, good ones, y records for $3. I thought it was a good deal, there were many, many songs I loved on there, so I got it...
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    Any way to get specs?

    So I've scoured the Internet and even asked both Alienware and creative, but it seems no-one knows the specs for the Sound Blaster Recon 3di. Dell doesn't know it, Creative said it depended on the laptop manufacturers, and there aren't enough Alienware owners who care to find out. Is there any...
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    Aiaiai modular question

    So I've been looking to get a pair of headphones, and I figured I'd look into modular headphones. The concept sounds amazing, and I feel like it would be an awesome way to try different sound signatures without having a pile of headphones, but something seemed amiss when I put the headphones...
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    A Very Metal Christmas

    I'm sorry for posting this so early, but I really had Christmas carols on my mind for some reason. Anyways, I'm going to surprise my friends this year with some metal Christmas carols, and I wanted to know if my of you enjoyed a metal Christmas as much as I do? So this year I found the album A...
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    Decided on the fidelio

    So I was going to get the sennheiser game zero for my gaming laptop, but I don't think they would be very good for music, and at the moment I don't think I want to buy a headphone just for gaming. So I decided if I'm going to get something else I want the one of the fidelio series, but I'm not...
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    AMV thread

    For those who are unacquainted with it, AMV stands for anime music video. Basically the creater picks an anime and a fitting (or sometimes not so fitting) song, and then matches the song to clips from the anime. This thread is for the posting of one's favorite AMVs. rules All AMVs have some...
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    iPod nano 7g losless

    Can you put and play flac files on iPod nano. I am considering getting one as a portable music player. Also how much more space does lossless files take up compared to m4a files as compared to the difference in quality.
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    iPhone eq to tone down mid-bass

    My headphones are just a tad strong in the mid-bass area and I'd like to tone it down a notch, preferably without ruining the fun and lively sound signature.
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    Monster turbines vs RHA ma750

    I was set on the rha, I really was, but man the monster turbines are a good price. How do they compare? I mostly listen to metal and like a v-shape in my headphones so keep that in mind. Also I have a pair of beats studio wireless 2.0 so that is my only comparison. I'm looking for a similar...
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    Truck stereo

    I have a 2005 Ford F-150 and the radio officially died (rip 2005-2016) and I need to replace it. Not doing a full setup because I don't have $2000 to drop on one. The thing I want to know is what is a good radio that will fit and has a good equalizer because I've found that fords tend to have a...
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    Looking for an IEM

    Hello again. I keep going to the intro page because the others are so crowded. I am looking for an IEM at about $100 and I need help. Literally the only thing I know at that price is the shure se215 but I'm worried it will be a little bass heavy (although my only over ear headphones are the...
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    Trying to get into hi-fi

    So I own a pair of beats studio wireless headphones, and all I hear on the Internet is how much they suck. Well I still like them, but the internet is always right so I'm looking for a full size headphone replacement. $200 is the most I'll spend and I don't want to need an external amp. I've...
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    Question about gaming headset

    Hello. I was looking for a gaming headset to use with my Alienware 17 r3. Needs to be closed back (I'm in a dorm) and I was hoping for exceptional sound quality and game immersion. I'm looking at the seinheiser g4me zero and hyperx cloud revolver. Would I need an amp with either? Thanks in...