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  1. mattering

    Looking to replace Westone 4R

    Hi, recently the right side of my Westone 4R started crackling when it reaches certain frequencies and as such I'm looking for something to replace them with. I have the Noble X coming in in march but I need something to replace my Westone 4R as my main IEMs. I love the sound sig of it and am...
  2. mattering

    Thinking about reshelling my reshelled TF10?

    Hey guys, recently my reshelled tf10 cable pin snapped and got stuck in the socket and I was wondering where I should reshell it. A simple head-fi search has brought up inearcustom but i have not heard of them before and their services are way cheaper than UM, 1964. Any thoughts/opinions? [I...
  3. mattering

    T50P or ESW9?

    Hey guys! I have a question about both the T50P and ESW9. The current rig so far is a tf10 to my iPod Touch and a DT770 to a Ordnance .22 to my iPod Touch. I like to listen to just about anything from classical to J-Pop and to happy hardcore/hardstyle. Now I have to pick between the T50P and...
  4. mattering

    need some Portable Amp suggestion :D

    Hey guys! I currently own a pair of westone 3 and DT770 Pro 250 Ohms and I need suggestions on portable amps since I travel back and forth from USA to Singapore. I need a headphone amp to drive my current cans and also i plan to buy a HD650 and JH16 in the future. I will be using my iPod Touch...
  5. mattering

    Help with picking out IEMs

    So my sister is gonna buy new IEMs and her budget is $60 USD.   She was thinking of buying those Bose ones lol. She likes Rock, a bit of rap and hip-hop and some house music. Her main music player is gonna be the iPod Touch.   Thanks in advance!
  6. mattering

    Help with picking out a new headphones

    So...I need good headphones and a portable amp [this is for long a flight from singapore to america or stuff like that]. Right now i have the Shure SR750DJ but i want something better. My main music player is a 3rd Gen iPod Touch but i'll sometimes use my desktop which has a Asus...