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  1. bonkon

    Holy $#!+, No political comment please.

    I just watched this on CNN, this is some crazy footage from a warzone in Georgia. YouTube - Georgia-reporter turchi attaccati!!!! I am glad that nobody got seriously injured. I know there is a war out there but I have never been to a warzone or shot inside a car. Were those 3 reporters...
  2. bonkon

    Crazy waterproof coating

    It is called Golden Shellback and this thing is really wicked, watch the video. I can't explain myself how they do it, even when connected to speakers the touch works fine underwater. If it will cost $50-75 as the presenter said than I think it will be worth the price.
  3. bonkon

    Is it time for an annual Headfi awards?

    There was a time when Headfi had 2 sponsors, Headroom and Meier Audio. When portable audio meant 20 years old pcdp player and that particular forum looked like a repair shop or an ebay antiquity hunt. When etys was the definition for canalphones/iem, ruling alone and supreme. When using...
  4. bonkon

    Wireless headset for voip recommendations? (mic quality essential)

    I am looking for a wireless headset that works flawlessly with my PC for using skype and more importantly voipbuster, voipstunt, nonoh etc... (all the betamax clones). I am more concerned about the quality of the mic and range than the headphone, therefore the reason for posting it here and not...
  5. bonkon

    Why is it funny when people suffer?

    Just watched the tazer guy and now this. I can't help laughing my socks off watching both videos, even if I feel sorry for the guy and am happy that it didn't get worse. I am not saying as far that they deserve it but both guys wanted to act smart and look where it got them.
  6. bonkon

    Is PCMCIA better than USB as a transport for laptop?

    Hi, I want to use my laptop as a transport and need either a USB or PCMCIA to digital out converter. I have been searching around but the general opinion seems that USB is very dependant of the port and all of them do not have the same quality. It is also limited 16/48kHz which doesn't really...
  7. bonkon

    Is Pedro's BTMusic down?

    I joined Pedro's a month ago and really like it, but now I can't enter the site. It gives me errors when I try to open the site starting just before the happy hours on saturday. I don't know any emails of the member, so I guess someone here is using Pedro's and can enlighten me if it is really...
  8. bonkon

    Refurbished Sound Blaster USB with optical out $15

    Those who are looking to improve their onboard AC97 soundcard or cheap optical transport for their laptop, look no further. $15 or best offer for a Creative Labs Sound Blaster USB MP3 + Audio Card, doesn't get cheaper than this. Too bad it is US/Canada sales only, I would have bought one for my...
  9. bonkon

    Numbers, let us quantify our gear improvements!

    This is purely subjective, quantify according to your own ears and reference gear you have. Hi I am new here although I have been lurking for some time and do have some experience with Hi-fi, owning a decent entry-fi speaker system (Nad cd player, amp and tannoy speakers) for some years now...