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  1. suman134

    the all new xb41ex and xb21ex review , ( the finla verdict ) .

              sony has renewed their xb line up with a new batch of earphones , sony as a earphone brand , is what i dont recommend most of the times but things may change this time around , i hope so .         sony had started their xxtra bass ( i dont know where the "E" is ) series in 2009 and...
  2. suman134

    ultimate ears 350 review , compairison with denon ah-c260 and sony xb21ex

    this is the new , ultimate ears 350 , may be the first piece in my city . ultimate ears have given us the past impressions of being badly priced and a dark sound with some harsh audio , my mfi220 was like that and my friends mfi 170 is not hugely forgiving too . but the new batch of earphones...