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    Musician Audio Pegasus R2R DAC

    This is a thread to discuss and share information on the Musician Audio Pegasus R2R DAC. Product Website Drivers Head-Fi Gear Page Previous Head-Fi Discussion
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    As an avid Pokemon trainer, I've been playing the Pokemon games since I was a kid. Now as an adult, all my Pokemon dreams have come true with the advent of Pokemon Go and the latest feature releases of 2018. As it's a social game, I hope that I can find some like-minded trainers here, at my...
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    [WTS] | A RAT'S NEST'o CABLES | HE4XX, HD6XX, MMCX, 2 Pin, Balanced and More!

    Selling off some of my cable collection. This is a rolling thread for my current cables on offer. Subscribe to the thread to keep up-to-date on what's for sale next. Fixed price in USD Price includes international shipping and paypal fees All tested and working Paypal Confirmed emails only...
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    SMSL DP3 HIFI Bluetooth Music Player Balanced Headphone Amplifier DSD256 Apt-X 2.4G/5G Wifi

    SMSL DP3 HIFI Bluetooth Music Player Balanced Headphone Amplifier DSD256 Apt-X 2.4G/5G Wifi The SMSL DP3 has a rich collection of features that include a decent set of connectivity and network support, as well as HiBy Link so you can control the player via an Android device. Headphone out...
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    One source, two different headphones for a shared listening station

    My wife and I would love to build a listening room where we can use different headphones from a single source for a shared experience. The equipment we currently have are a PC as source, a Sennheiser HD600 and Hifiman 4XX, both terminated with blanaced cables, but would still need to pick up...
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    FS: *NEW* Beyerdynamic 770 DT 250 OHMS

    Selling these for a good friend from Australia. Check out my head-fi and ebay feedback in the signature.     For sale is an immaculate pair of the legendary Beyerdynamic 770 DT 250 OHMS. These are a back-up pair from the seller and have never been used. They were only removed from the...
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    Tomás purchased a pair of Sennheiser PX200's from me and he was very easy to deal with, communicative and prompt with payment. i would recommend him as a buyer to anyone in the forum. thanks Tomás!
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    My Audibly Ignorant & Uneducated Review of the Klipsh Custom 3

    Please see the following reviews and subsequent discussions in the following threads. They really helped me write this review and should be read before this one as more experienced forum members write them: Zhdude’s Custom 3 review ka-boom’s Custom 3 Review Preamble So today I...