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  1. Peter Pinna

    Please describe the sound stage of your favorite headphone

    Please describe in detail the sound stage of what is so far your favorite headphone. I have already done this in this thread (link): Please be so specific in your description so as to cause the imaginations of those who have not heard...
  2. Peter Pinna

    If you are new to Head-Fi please read this. UNANSWERABLE QUESTIONS.

    Hello new member. Welcome to Head-Fi! You might have comments or questions. If you have questions, I suggest you word them in such a way so as to make them at least somewhat easy to answer. Let me give you examples of a few questions which, really, are unanswerable but, indeed, are often...
  3. Peter Pinna

    Ultrapaul: Please tell us about the new Pro 900 and how it compares to the Pro 750 and Edition 9.

    I read a thread created by paper 2k1 about the new Pro 900 and I am curious to know more about it. How does it compare to the Pro 750? How does it compare to the Edition 9? What are the differences in Sound Quality compared to the Pro 750 and the Edition 9? Any differences in the build and...
  4. Peter Pinna

    A Player I want to share with everyone...

    VU Player's sound (in the default state) is not as good as that of Foobar2000, IMO. But it's sound (in the default state) is better than that of iTunes, IMO. I find myself liking this simple, little player (it's not quite as simple as it appears. Look "under the hood".) And, I think you will...
  5. Peter Pinna

    A probably provacative question about "re-cabling"

    Ultrapaul, Do the developers of Ultrasone Headphones, including the main developer, Florian Koenig, believe, in their professional opinion, that there is any improvement in sound to be gained by "re-cabling" Ultrasone Headphones?
  6. Peter Pinna

    Help design the new Ultrasone Edition 10, Pro 850 and Pro 2600 Headphones

    I want to make it clear that Ultrasone has not made any announcement about creating an Edition 10, Pro 850 and Pro 2600 Model Headphones (that I know about). However, if there were such plans by Ultrasone, and you were able to help design these headphones, taking into consideration the current...