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  1. Kees

    FS: balanced Apuresound Sennheiser cable (2x3pin xlr)

    For sale is my balanced Apuresound Sennheiser cable. 7 feet long. 2 x 3 pin Neutrik xlr. Nylon sleeving.   In like new condition.   Originally $310, now selling for $250 (175 euro).    
  2. Kees

    FS RSA Stealth (230v)

    SOLD   For sale is my RSA Stealth preamp and headphone amp. It is in perfect condition (see pictures). It is also a 230 volt amp and I am in the EU, so an EU sale is the most logical choice (but if you are elsewhere situated and interested you're welcome too of course).
  3. Kees

    Marshall Headphones, an interesting new option.

    I don't know any more than is on this link, but given the reputation of Marshall I consider this something to take a good look at.
  4. Kees

    Lake People V181: a new balanced amp <$1000

    In the thread about the V200 amp from Lake People there was a mention of the new V181, a balanced solid state headphone amplifier. I am very interested and take a look. To my surprise they present it with a 5 pin XLR headphone output So, I decide to e-mail them about it. I got a prompt...
  5. Kees

    FS: HD800 ***sale pending***

    SOLD my Sennheiser HD800. They are in like new condition. I don't really have to say anything about them I think, they have been discussed enough. They don't make music to my ears, so they can go. Price is 800 euro.
  6. Kees

    Archos 5 question

    I noticed that the Archos 5 has Linux as operating system. I wonder if it would recognise a DAC if it was plugged into it's USB port... Anybody own an Archos and tried it?
  7. Kees

    Trafomatic Experience Head One

    It has been a long time since this amp was in the picture and I don't seem to be able to find the old thread any more so I made a new one. I promissed some people a more comprehensive review of the Trafomatic Experience Head One headphone amp a couple of months ago. It took a lot of effort...
  8. Kees

    FS/FT: Denon D2000 ***SOLD***

    I bought these to compare against the KH-K1000. Done that. And I don't like them so much that I want to keep them. There is lots of info on these all over the forums, so I don't think I need to add to that here. If you have any questions you're welcome of course. I'm looking for $225 +...
  9. Kees

    FS: Deep cup Darth Beyers (Bubinga) *** SOLD ***

    For sale: Darth Beyer VXD3. Deep version Darth using new DT770/80. Bubinga wood. BlackMax 2.0 meter to 1/4" plug, Black leather pads (or black velours if you prefer. I think velours sounds better). Why? These are the best closed phones after the JVC DX1000. But I like the JVC...
  10. Kees

    FS: Edition 9 * sale pending *

    What is there to say: For sale Edition 9. They are in excellent condition, altough I did not shine the cups.... Price: I want this to be a bargain for someone who really wants them. I am thinking about a price of 500 euro. Why am I selling: Two reasons. First: I just don't like them...
  11. Kees

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    A few months ago I came across a mention of this new Kenwood flagship on a Japanese site. It was acompanied by some frequency graphs that were very promising (at least I could read that...). Since then there has been some mention on this site, but not much. It stuck in my mind though, for some...
  12. Kees

    FS: Koa Darth Beyers *SALE PENDING*

    For sale: one pair of Koa Darth Beyers (v2). 1.5 m Black max cable, balanced and terminated in a 4 pin XLR. Black leather earpads. I am selling these because I recently became the happy owner of a pair of deep cup Darths... Price: $500 shipped.
  13. Kees

    Duggeh's tube buffer? Indeed!

    Yesterday I spotted the below product on e-bay. Is Duggeh an MOT?
  14. Kees

    Sleek SA6

    A couple of months ago (six months, a year?) I found on the web an interesting site of someone planning to make a pair of IEMs that could be tuned using different sizes of tubes in the housing. I followed it a while, but lost interest after I bought my PK1s (and nothing happened on the site)...
  15. Kees

    Rpx-100 + K1000

    Just want to share something I recently found out. I have always been intrigued by the AKG K1000, but having to match them with a separate amp always kept me away from them. Last Sunday Blackmore was over and brought his K1000 with him (among other stuff) for me to try out. I had asked him...
  16. Kees

    IC: MF X-Can v3 /Pinkfloyd mods /Little Pinkie PSU

    Interest check only. If there is enough interest I will sell. This is a terrific amp for a wide range of phones. Tube rolling can be done for some fine tuning (I can include different tubes if you wish: 6N23-EB, 6SN1P, Philips E88CC SQ, Mullard E88CC, stock JAN Philips ECG 6922). There is a...
  17. Kees

    Headphoneus Chaoticus

    Hi, I just thought this is the right sort of occasion to put some of my thoughts in writing about my experiences with High-end, headphones and any other topics that happen to pop up. It may give some context to the loose remarks and posts I have made in the period I spent here. It has no...
  18. Kees

    FS: Zu Mobius headphone cable. (HD600/650, 10ft)

    SOLD. For sale Zu Mobius for Sennheiser HD600 or HD650. 10 feet long. In perfect condition. Price $200 (shipped world wide). Pics:
  19. Kees

    IC Rudistor NX-33 (balanced amp + HD650 + BX65 cable)

    TOO LATE: RUDI MADE ME AN UPGRADE OFFER THAT I COULDN'T REFUSE. I am considering to sell: Rudistor NX-33 balanced headphone amplifier. Preferably in combination with Sennheiser HD650 with (Rudistor) BX65 balanced cable. This combination takes the HD650 to a level you will not believe if...
  20. Kees

    The next 325i mod.

    Hi all. I just want to share another very easy mod I did on my SR325i. The mod is easy, the consequences are not. First the mod itself though. Materials used: Standard Grado bowl 2 plastic pins (pins used to cover screws, cut around the edges to prevent them from sticking out). 2...
  21. Kees


    I Bought 3 mini to RCA cables from him. When he tested it before sending them off he noticed one was defective, so he sent me an e-mail and refunded me promptly for the defective cable. He is friendly, reliable and communicates well. I would certainly do business with him again.
  22. Kees

    RS1 on e-bay warning

    This RS1 for sale offer too good to be true? The seller got all his positive feedback within 10 minutes. His location is both Ireland and Honkong. The price is 240 euro! Looks an awfull lot like a scam to me. I sent an inquiry to e-bay.
  23. Kees

    VERY easy 325i mod. (and maybe also for other Grados)

    Hi all. This is a very simple mod for your 325i. Reversible within 1 second flat. Total cost: about $2. I got the idea from a mod on my turntable. It has a heavy metal platter. The mod is that you put a heavy, tight elastic band around the rim to dampen vibrations in the metal. Well, I...
  24. Kees

    Pinkie mod: warning

    I am a long time fan of my HD650/X-can v3 combo. I (still) think it does exceptionally well. But you know ..... I suddenly needed an Equinox cable. That was good. Expensive, but good... A bit better control in the bass department. A bit more forward in the midrange. A somewhat livelier...