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  1. killeraxemannic

    USB DAC/Amp with mic input jack?

    I am looking for a good quality DAC/Amp that has a mic input jack for my work laptop as it doesn't have one. I am very short on USB ports already so I don't want to get a separate card for the mic. Does anyone know of anything out there that is decent? Lets skip Creative. Not a fan 
  2. killeraxemannic

    Trying to get the best microphone input quality on my PC for my Sennheiser Game Zero headset microphone. 24 bit and no white noise.

    I am trying to figure this out and I am pulling my hair out... Is it really this hard?    I hate the fact that when I am chatting with people on my computer the audio quality sucks. You either have people with massive background noise, Too low of volume, distorted sound, robotic noise...
  3. killeraxemannic

    beyerdynamic custom one pro

    Have a pair of Custom One Pro's for sale. They have a bit of use but they are in good shape overall. They have a white headband and earcups, and have the Pontiac GTO custom plate installed. One plate is a bit scratched. Headband has a bit of wear. 
  4. killeraxemannic

    V-Moda M100 Phantom Chrome

    M100's with stock and XL pads. Great headphones that I always wanted to try, but a little to bass heavy for me. They are in great shape, come with both stock cables, carrying case and original box. Shipping included to US48. We can figure out costs if you are somewhere else. 
  5. killeraxemannic

    AKG K550

    Selling my AKG K550's. I bought them new a few years ago. Only have the headphones, no box. I am sure I have the 1/4 in screw on adapter somewhere but I am not sure where right now. Can try to find it if you want it. Great overall shape, very little wear. Only issue is a 2mm long lengthwise cut...
  6. killeraxemannic

    Wanted - Schiit Fulla or Fiio E10K or something very similar. Need good small DAC/AMP for work

    My Fiio e7 I use for my work laptop died today so it's time for it's replacement. Need a small DAC/AMP that is USB. Manual volume control knob is a plus. I am in the USA and would prefer a USA seller.    Thanks! 
  7. killeraxemannic

    WANTED - Portable USB Dac/Headphone amp. Fiio E17, E7, E7k etc

    Looking for some form of a portable USB DAC/ headphone amp. Anything decent will work. Looking for working condition and USA seller. PM me with what you have and your price. 
  8. killeraxemannic

    Ultrasone PRO 650 headphones, Good condition!

    Bought these from a forum member a while back. These are great headphones! Selling because I am looking to get a pair of headphones that don't need amplification. They are in good condition with minimal wear / scratches etc. Comes with hard cloth carrying case, extra cord, mini adapter, and...
  9. killeraxemannic

    I cannot find a satisfactory bluetooth headset. Please recommend one to me! I have tried lots......

    Ok so I have been searching for a good bluetooth headset for a long time now. I recently switched to a job that has a very long commute so I started my search again. First one I tried was a jawbone... Couldn't hear it worth a crap so I took it back Second was the top of the line...
  10. killeraxemannic

    Best $30 or less earbuds?

    Hi,   I am looking for some new earbuds to keep in my pocket. I have had some Altec Lansing, and now have some Auvio earbuds which are horrible and close to broken. Both were less than $30   I would like to find some earbuds that sound good and are cheap enough to not worry about...
  11. killeraxemannic

    AD700 Sound worse after burn in?

    Got some AD700's last weekend and originally loved the way they sounded. They had rich sound and were clean and sparkly up top. Now after about 75 hrs of burn in I think they sound dull and have harsh highs. Not sure what to think at this point. Should I send them back and get something else? Or...
  12. killeraxemannic

    Not happy with my new Creative XFI XtremeMusic card. What should I get?

    Got a used xtreme music and I am not happy with the sound quality that it outputs to my headphones. It sounds tinny and harsh. I only paid $20 for it so its not too much of a loss. What should I buy instead? Don't want to spend a whole lot of money so a DAC is out of the question.    Thanks!!
  13. killeraxemannic

    What MIC to add on to the AD700's now for gaming and skype?

    Just got a pair of the AD700's and want to add a mic to them.   The legendary Labtec mic that everyone has used in the past is no longer available.   What is a good mic to use for adding to it nowdays?   I don't want the zalman clip on mic. I want a boom mic to add on. 
  14. killeraxemannic

    Lexicon Lambda decent if I don't have a headphone amp?

    I have one of these for recording   How is it for powering a set of headphones compared to a dedicated headphone amp? Better or worse than the onboard sound on a high end PC motherboard?    
  15. killeraxemannic

    $100 headphones for a noob please help!

    First post!   Looking to spend around $100 on some decent headphones. They will be used for gaming and music. I listen to pretty much everything (Mozart to Death Metal).   What would the experts tell me to get?   I do not have an amp. They will be plugged in to my PC sound card.   ...