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  1. MrDetermination

    Suggest IEM (< $110) for use with Go-Vibe 5 (Low Gain). Replacing Er-6i

    My wife let our dog eat my headphones and she'll be paying for replacements out of her entertainment allowance; she has to learn to pay attention to the dog when she has responsibility for the dog.    I digress.   I see Er-6i quality has deteriorated since I got mine ~3 years ago.   I...
  2. MrDetermination

    My Grado SR-325's are falling apart

    The little stick that goes in the plastic... that hole is worn out to where it doesn't stick anymore. So my cans are always falling apart. Which sucks. A lot. Common problem? Solutions? I'm thinking maybe rubber glue or something that isn't permanent but will keep them together a...
  3. MrDetermination

    I can't get Sonica 1205 drivers to install

    Dell Latitude D600 running XP. Hardware/M-Audio Sonica properties show version in the properties which is really odd when you consider the only version I ever installed on this new machine was the 1205, .exe version (only version I could find). I have tried...
  4. MrDetermination

    What song is in the USPS tb ad? T. Monk? D. Brubeck?

    I know I have it somewhere. Dominantly Piano... Anyone caught this?
  5. MrDetermination

    Please help me set up my new 1212

    I tried to follow this thread But 1) Foobar won't "stick" the 24 w/32 pad setting. Everytime I go back to it after closing out preferences it is blanked out. and 2) every time I create the new 192 +4 DSP session I end up getting prompted to create a new DSP session at the (foobar) "requested"...
  6. MrDetermination

    Looking for Decent - Good quality 1/4 to RCA adapters?

    For mah new 1212m, so I can use some RCA interconnects I already own. Anyone? Linkage?
  7. MrDetermination

    Tips for getting the dye out of my Senn pads (for Grado)?

    I bought 4 sets of the Senn (59495?) pads and I spent an hour a couple nights ago washing and rinsing and repeating the process after dying. I let them dry all day yesterday, wore them, got stained, and repeated the washing/rinsing process last night. I used Rit dye from the big bottle and...
  8. MrDetermination

    Help me pick my first portable source

    I live in Nashville, TN. No public transit. I’m not concerned with music in coffee shops. My 55s and 128kbps Shoutcast classical at very low volumes is all I’m interested in those environments. That is all I can handle when reading/writing or I get lost in the music. On the plane I’m a socialite...
  9. MrDetermination

    < $50 bag for: Grado + CD + Small Amp + a few CDs?

    Any links to fit the bill? SR325, so the thick but short cable on the phones. The discs don't have to be that protected. Its an MP3 cd player. They get scratched and I can burn more
  10. MrDetermination

    Sell me on (and link me to) an upgraded HD600 cable

    Well, I'm new around here but I've been an audio nut for a long time. I'm now the owner of a Headroom Little and HD600s, which sound fantastic! On my home audio stuff I have directional copper, but not the super expensive directional copper. Yes, I can hear the difference in lamp cord and...
  11. MrDetermination


    Replied and shipped with the quickness. Less than 24 hours lapsed between auction time and the time I had a tracking number and link that said usps had the package.
  12. MrDetermination

    Connecting Fortissimo III to headphone amp?

    I don't have a "line out" from my FortIII. I need a card with EAX as I do about 50% gaming/50% music. Are there filters or some kind of Optical -> RCA out box? Also, I like to swap between speakers and headphones at least once or twice daily (watching video caps on the computer monitor...